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The annual Weitzman Symposium is coming up and at work, which we stream live every year. So, I’ve been exploring where things have been going with online video. It seems like there are a lot of interesting developments.

In live streaming, I’ve used a bunch of different tools. I did a lot on QIK years ago. However, that got bought out by Skype and shutdown. A friend gave me a heads up to save the videos, but I believe I was too late.

Another live streaming system I used a bit was Ustream. This is what we use at CHC. I’ve always liked UStream and they continue to be reliable. They have new software for streaming, called UStream Producer. I’ve only used the free version, which does most of what I want. The paid versions, Producer Studio and Producer Pro add options like multi-camera support and audio mixing. Not much new there.

The other real workhorse in video streaming is Livestream. I’ve used this a bit as well. They appear to be the first of the serious livestreaming platforms to work nicely with Google Glass. However, they organize their content around events as opposed to channels like UStream does. I find the event orientation a bit clunky.

I’ve also kicked around, ooVoo and Bambuser. None of them really have been that compelling for me, so I don’t end up using them often. However, I did use Bambuser from Raspberry Pi, so that was pretty cool.

In terms of video conferencing, at work we use Vidyo. I’ve participated in various Vidyo conference calls, and it seems fine, but I never really got a chance to get under the hood, so I can’t say a lot more about it. However, at work on Friday, we took a look at I was really impressed with it. The free version is very powerful, and the paid versions are pretty inexpensive for the features they provide. It is interesting to note that key investors includes Qualcomm as well as Patrick Soon-Shiong.

The other software that I started playing with is ManyCam. This allows you to switch between different cameras on a PC, screen cast, and even do some funky effects. I used it for doing some green screen broadcasting going out into both UStream and

So, any other online video tools I should be looking at?

The Church Christmas Pageant

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Music Monday – Memorial Day

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“Watch the field behind the plow turn to straight dark rows
Put another season's promise in the ground”

I recently stumbled across a quote about farmers and hope. I don’t remember the exact words, but it was something about farmers living by hope as they place a seed in the ground. I think Stan Roger’s great song, ‘Field behind the plow’ captures some of this.

For me, New Years and Easter always seem to be the two big holidays where we talk about hope. New Years talks about the hope for the coming year. It is a man made sort of thing and comes in the bleak winter when hope seems most intangible. Easter is different. Easter is about hope in God’s love for us and comes as symbols of that love come bursting forth from the tomb and from the barren ground.

So, we sit at our kitchen tables and celebrate gifts that remind us of this vernal and eternal hope.

“So ease the throttle out a hair, every rod's a gain
And there's victory in every quarter mile”

Happy Easter, everyone.

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Gerry Garcia talks to DFA New Haven about running for SoTS

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