About Orient Lodge

Orient Lodge is an eclectic news site focusing on Politics, Technology, Media, Social Networks, Marketing, The Arts, Connecticut News as well as stories missed by more traditional outlets.


Orient Lodge was started in 2004 as a Drupal based website where Aldon Hynes could gather articles he was writing for other outlets, particularly in politics and technology. Due to Aldon's interest in technology, new tools are often tested on this site may cause performance impacts occasionally.

Aldon is a member of Investigative Reporters and Editors, the Media Bloggers Association and various groups committed to improving the quality of journalism in America.

Orient Lodge receives a lot of PR pitches, but responds to very few of them. If you have a pitch that you believe has an angle of interest to Orient Lodge readers, please email Aldon or use the contact form. Musicians wishing to be considered for review on Orient Lodge are encouraged to submit their electronic press kits via the Sonicbids. At times, Orient Lodge may not be accepting new submissions while current submissions are being considered and musicians are encouraged to check back later.

Other comments are always welcome on individual articles as well as through the contact form.

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