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Falcon Ridge Picnic

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit. Happy Swiss national day. This morning I drove into town and went to the local farmers market. It had the feel of a French country market and I bought hard salami cheese bread and pickles which we ate on our tarp at the main stage.

It is another beautiful day. There have berm passing showers bit mostly it was been warm and sunny. Very peaceful but tiring and my stomach has been uneasy.

Now to more music

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Falcon Ridge Friday

It is a glorious Friday morning at Falcon Ridge. I've put down the tarp where I will sit for four hours this afternoon listening to emerging artists. I've bathed, as much as you can call splashing water from a broken solar shower on one's self bathing. I've had some breakfast and am charging up devices. Soon I will go for my morning hack.

Yesterday was a quiet day until the afternoon. Kim left her ticket at home so I drove back to Woodbridge to get it and to have a long talk with Mairead. I filled her in on my journey. When we got back we listened to music at the lounge. There was some great singing and a strong social justice component.

I checked my email and found a message about the next step on this journey. More on that later.

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Falcon Ridge Day 1

I'm sitting on the hill ay Falcon Ridge. There is a cool breeze blowing and the air feels damp. The tents are set up. I read for a while last night, watched the moon rise, chatted with friends, and wrote a little on a paper note book.

I slept really well last night and am getting of to a slow mellow start today.

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An Ode to Falcon Ridge

You cannot go to the same folk festival twice
The lineup of performers will have changed.
A longtime favorite performer isn’t there
a new favorite performer is emerging.
The performers themselves will have changed
with new experiences
new attitudes
new songs.
Their instruments will have changed as well
the strings will be more worn
or replaced
Their voices will have sung
that many more songs.

You cannot go to the same folk festival twice.
The weather will be different.
No matter how hot
or how much rain there is.
It is always a little different.
The moon will be in a different phase.
The stars and planets will be aligned a little differently.
The shooting stars, rainbows and other little bits
of festival magic
will come at different times.
Even the animals will be different
as the hawk circles above
the workshop stage
and the chipmunks
scurry for cover.

You cannot go to the same folk festival twice.
The crowds will be different.
Broken tents will have been replaced
and new tents pitched in different locations.
The car that broke down last year
won’t make the trip this year
The kids will be a year older.
“How much they’ve grown”
everyone will observe
at the campsites.

You cannot go to the same folk festival twice.
The kids that were at the family tent
will now be at the dance stage
and those that made that change
years ago
will be at the workshop stage
picking up tips
to help them achieve
their dream of being
an emerging artist
on the main stage.

You cannot go to the same folk festival twice.
Each one of us have changed.
We’ve heard new artists, new songs,
that we love.
We’ve experienced successes,
grief, and sadness.
We’ve grown, we’ve changed,
our hopes and expectations are different.

But underneath it all
the folk festival remains constant.
The food and friends
The peace and joy and mud.
and the volunteer at the gate
Welcome Home.

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