“Watch the field behind the plow turn to straight dark rows
Put another season's promise in the ground”

I recently stumbled across a quote about farmers and hope. I don’t remember the exact words, but it was something about farmers living by hope as they place a seed in the ground. I think Stan Roger’s great song, ‘Field behind the plow’ captures some of this.

For me, New Years and Easter always seem to be the two big holidays where we talk about hope. New Years talks about the hope for the coming year. It is a man made sort of thing and comes in the bleak winter when hope seems most intangible. Easter is different. Easter is about hope in God’s love for us and comes as symbols of that love come bursting forth from the tomb and from the barren ground.

So, we sit at our kitchen tables and celebrate gifts that remind us of this vernal and eternal hope.

“So ease the throttle out a hair, every rod's a gain
And there's victory in every quarter mile”

Happy Easter, everyone.

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