Poetry Collection

I am starting to organize the poems that are on this website.

I normally post my poems simply as blog posts, usually after spending some time editting them.

However, so are posted as fairly raw drafts.

Eventually, I go back, revise some of the poems, and place them into a structure related to other poems. It helps me think about how my poems interrelate. Hopefully, it will be helpful to you as well.

Some poems end up in a section at the bottom of uncategorized poems. These are often poems I haven't gone back to work on or to think about how they relate to other poems.

In particular, poems that I write during periods where I post a poem a day end up in this section.

There are links below to navigate through the different sections, subsections, and the poems within each subsection.

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The Daily Examen – May 22, 2017

It is hard to relish
the moments of the day
when it is grey
and like so many other days.

You have to look harder
like at those white things
floating in the lake
that you only realize
after they have raised their heads
a top their long necks
that they are swans

You have to stay calmer
as you handle request after request
and if you are fortunate
the sound of the rain
on the long drive home
can be soothing.

The Daily Examen – May 21, 2017

Too often, each day’s pilgrimage
would be just like yesterday’s
or last week’s
if, in fact,
we could step into
the same stream twice.

Too rarely we take
the opportunity to do something
substantially different.

I went to church
in a different state.
I visited at tiny house
and the grave
of my great grandfather.
I went to an art show opening
with works
of my daughter’s paint
on my late mother’s yarn.

What will my pilgrimage be

The Daily Examen – May 20, 2017

Eliza Doolittle Day;
just you wait!


Out of the blue,
the widower of my cousin
contacted me today.

It’s been years
and he and his new wife
are talking of coming back east
maybe New England in the fall.

Most of our family reunions
have been wakes or funerals;
we don’t gather around joy
as often as we should.

But he’s remarried,
and his widowed sister-in-law
is in a new relationship.
We could have a wonderful
meet the relatives
family gathering.


One friend hikes
the Appalachian Trail
the Camino de Santiago.
Some of us journey together
and share stories of our journey;
our hopes and fears,
obstacles and disappointments,
and most importantly
our friendship
and mutual support.


The poets gather
to read their poems
and critique one another
and I realize again
the importance of voice.

My voice
is rarely found in rhymed couplets.
It is a spoken voice
sacrificing conciseness
for cadence,
struggling more with concepts
than physical images.

As we all try to find our own voices,
we need to help others find theirs.


Quietly, alone,
I clean the house
and prepare for a dump run.
I attend a picnic,
head home to write,
and then to sleep.

The Daily Examen – May 19, 2017

The daily examination seemed easier
on days off;
sharing poetry
rather than during the regular commute
past oft seen sights
towards endless tasks.

The indolent summer clouds
hanging over the distant green hills
seem somehow unconcerned
about the tasks not completed
and the goals not achieved.

Yet people still need to be fed
cared for, loved.

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