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This week, I'm using FollowFridayHelper again to come up with my list of people I'm following that are particularly interesting. I am using the order as it was presented by FollowFridayHelper, so It will hop around a little bit.

Starting the list is @djgoddessa. I connected with her via Triberr. A lot of her tweets are Retweets or conversations with others. On Triberr, her posts point to her Tumblr blog which is mostly of content that she grabbed via She has a great eye for interesting stories, which I like to reshare.

Next is @src_changeagent. I got to know her through the #hcsmct tweetchat and breakfasts. She is well worth the follow, lots of interesting tweets about health, disparities, social justice, and how it all fits together.

Another person from the #hcsmct tweet chat is @cthealth. Well, actually, that is an organizational account that different people tweet on, but everyone I've met from @cthealth is great.

@zoe201015 is another connection from Triberr. She describes herself as 'just another outspoken queer & trans USAF veteran trying to make it another year'. She posts a lot of interesting articles that I often retweet.

I'm pretty sure that I first connected with @nerdenterprises on Empire Avenue, although we are connected on Triberr as well. He posts an interesting mix of articles, from 'How To Record an Owner Financed Sale Of An Asset in QuickBooks' to 'How To Use Pinterest For Your Business'. Yeah, I haven't worked in Quickbooks in years, and some of the posts are a bit nerdy, but hey, that why he's @nerdenterprises.

@candacemountain is another connection in both Empire Avenue and Triberr. She describes herself as 'Author, writer, blogger, science enthusiast, geek, humorist, reader, reviewer, and many other things. I also like Jello!'. From the description you can probably see why I recommend her. She's a fairly prolific tweeter with a wide variety of tweets.

Closing out the list, is @freedomwalker77 Besides being connected on Twitter, we're connected on Empire Avenue, Facebook, and probably some other venues as well. She is also a prolific tweeter and has a strong presence on the other social networks.

So, that's my Follow Friday list for this week.

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One of the metrics I often use, when thinking about conferences I attend, is how many interesting new people I interact with. The Health Hub at Social Media Week in New York, #smwhealth resulted in a smaller number of new people I interacted with, but a much higher quality of interactions.

Starting off the list is Alex Fair, @faircaremd. "Chief Instigator at FairCareMD, The 1st Open Healthcare Marketplace where Patients and Doctors can meet and agree on fees that are fair to both." He's fairly serious about tweeting from conferences and during the second half, we sat next to each other, shared a power outlet and various comments about the conference.

Next is Paulo Machado, @pjmachado. "Husband-Father-Friend-Passionate about driving the adoption of innovation that improves the healthcare delivery model." He was wearing a @reginaholliday jacket and did a lot of good tweeting as well.

Mike Painter, @paintmd "Senior Program Officer at RWJF" He did some good tweeting while @TedMedJay was on the stage. I only got a chance to meet him briefly in passing.

Then, there was Jerry Weinstein, @tummler10. "Cynical Idealist. Competitive Zen. AKA: Writer. Editor. Strategist. Producer. Certified Mediator." We did not get a chance to meet face to face, at least as far as I know. However, we did have some fairly interesting interactions on Twitter that I hope to follow up on.

A couple other people that I interacted briefly with, included @careplanners @elleehenry. I'm probably missing quite a few others, but these are the people that I remember particularly jumping out at me. Thanks for a great #smwhealth. Happy #ff everyone.

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It is Friday evening. I am exhausted after a long week, and don't especially feel like writing about following anyone. But I didn't do a Follow Friday blog post last week, and I haven't written anything else today, so I figure I should try to power through a post.

This week, I am focusing on Podcamps. Starting the list is @mmpartee, one of the folks behind Podcamp WesternMass. I've been to a few of these Podcamps, and the next one is coming up at the end of February. I'll probably try to make it to that one as well.

Next on the list is @JoeCascio. I'm not sure exactly how I first met Joe, but we run in very similar circles and I've seen him at various podcamps. He was instrumental in helping get the first Connecticut Podcamp going, and when it was over, I hung out with him and @CherylBudge for drinks at a nearby bar. Cheryl is another member of the social media scene in Connecticut whom it seems like I've always known, but I'm just not sure when or where I first met her.

@paulbogush is an educator living in a neighboring town and teaching in a different neighboring town. He's one of the teachers that gets social media and I wish there were more teachers like him.

Rounding out the list is @jcnork. Like the rest of them, Jack and I have known each other for quite a while. He's helping get the next Podcamp in Connecticut off the ground. He also is the force behind the Lodge Music series in Bethany. The next performance is Saturday night. If people are feeling well enough and there is enough energy here, we'll try to make it.

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#FF #EavChat @superben @organicguru @tturbo @JackiesBuzz @MetaThis @bgrier @PetLvr

This week's Follow Friday is of people that I've recently followed based on interactions on Empire Avenue. Several of those interaction were from the Empire Avenue TweetChat that happened Thursday evening. Starting out the list is @superben. He describes himself as a nerdy flight attendant and added a lot to the discussion.

Next is @organicguru. You can guess her interests from her Twitter handle. She was also a lively participant in the discussion. @tturbo comes next. She speaks of not being a social media person. She's married to a geek, and assists researchers with the funding of their projects.

Next on my list is @JackiesBuzz. We'd run into each other elsewhere. She describes herself as a social media director for a non-profit so it isn't surprising that we'd cross paths.

@MetaThis is next on the list. He recently tweeted about the fragility of life and I've been interacting with him in Empire Avenue for a while. The two last people on the list for this week are @bgrier and @PetLvr, people I've recently been interacting with on Empire Avenue.

So, that's this week's Follow Friday list.

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#ff @triberr Part 2 @BarbaraDuke @RAWarrior @Jason__Ramsey @thewebkaiser @CHRISVOSS @rictownsend @elyshemer @joshua_d

This week, I'm doing another Triberr based Follow Friday. I did my first one last week. This week, I looked at the Top Traffic Driving Tribemates. At the top of the list is @BarbaraDuke. Her description talks about being a Christian Coach, a breast cancer survivor, and mentions rheumatoid arthritis. It made me wonder if she knew @RAWarrior, another social media friend who is very active in the rheumatoid arthritis community.

Coming in next is @Jason__Ramsey. He describes himself as a husband and father who loves twitter and who sells wigs. Hmm. Possible business connection? Maybe Jason should be talking with Barbara about people battling cancer that need wigs.

Next on the list is @thewebkaiser. He's been posting some really good content from CES this week, so I've been tweeting links to his articles. Right after that is @chrisvoss, who also has been writing some good articles that I've been tweeting about.

Next is @rictownsend. I know him from Empire Avenue. Finishing off the list are @elyshemer @joshua_d. I don't know them as well as the rest, so perhaps you should just head out and read their bios yourself.

That wraps up this week's Follow Friday list. How about yours?

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