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This week, I'm using FollowFridayHelper again to come up with my list of people I'm following that are particularly interesting. I am using the order as it was presented by FollowFridayHelper, so It will hop around a little bit.

Starting the list is @djgoddessa. I connected with her via Triberr. A lot of her tweets are Retweets or conversations with others. On Triberr, her posts point to her Tumblr blog which is mostly of content that she grabbed via Scoop.it. She has a great eye for interesting stories, which I like to reshare.

Next is @src_changeagent. I got to know her through the #hcsmct tweetchat and breakfasts. She is well worth the follow, lots of interesting tweets about health, disparities, social justice, and how it all fits together.

Another person from the #hcsmct tweet chat is @cthealth. Well, actually, that is an organizational account that different people tweet on, but everyone I've met from @cthealth is great.

@zoe201015 is another connection from Triberr. She describes herself as 'just another outspoken queer & trans USAF veteran trying to make it another year'. She posts a lot of interesting articles that I often retweet.

I'm pretty sure that I first connected with @nerdenterprises on Empire Avenue, although we are connected on Triberr as well. He posts an interesting mix of articles, from 'How To Record an Owner Financed Sale Of An Asset in QuickBooks' to 'How To Use Pinterest For Your Business'. Yeah, I haven't worked in Quickbooks in years, and some of the posts are a bit nerdy, but hey, that why he's @nerdenterprises.

@candacemountain is another connection in both Empire Avenue and Triberr. She describes herself as 'Author, writer, blogger, science enthusiast, geek, humorist, reader, reviewer, and many other things. I also like Jello!'. From the description you can probably see why I recommend her. She's a fairly prolific tweeter with a wide variety of tweets.

Closing out the list, is @freedomwalker77 Besides being connected on Twitter, we're connected on Empire Avenue, Facebook, and probably some other venues as well. She is also a prolific tweeter and has a strong presence on the other social networks.

So, that's my Follow Friday list for this week.

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