Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

Monthly reflections

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. Swiss National Day. The start of a liminal month. This is the month, for me, of preparing to start seminary. It is month of reading, reflection, and some relaxation, all intermingled. Tomorrow, I leave for Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. I will camp on a hill listening to folk music through Sunday.
Later in the month, I will head off to Tennessee to watch the eclipse. During this time, I will be reading books from a suggested reading list from seminary. I will be reflecting on this, perhaps finding time to write.

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit: July

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. A playful way of starting a new month, harkening back to childhood invocations for good luck. A time to think about the month that has ended and the month ahead. June was a pretty good month. The new Region Missionary started. I got sworn in to Zoning Board of Appeals, and most importantly, I have been accepted into the online Certificate of Theological Studies program at Church Divinity School of the Pacific. To reference a video that is popular online right now, I’m about as excited as a gorilla in a kiddie pool.

So, what’s on tap for this month? We have the Fourth of July coming up, my birthday, and a Celtic Christianity retreat. There are so many things I want to read this summer. There are so many things I want to write about.

I still haven’t written about my Daily Examen the way I want. I want to write about my hopes and expectations for divinity school. I want to write about the broader context of my journey. I expect I’ll want to write about the Celtic Christianity retreat.

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit: Moons and Junes

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. It has been a few months since I’ve written my first of the month reflections. It has been a busy time with a lot of thinking and writing, although much of my personal writing has been too private journal entries instead of more public writing.

I have recently taken to writing a Daily Examen in free verse, which I hope to write more about the underlying ideas soon. This month sees Pentecost and ember days, and I am thinking about writing about some of this as well. We are seeing the start of the 2018 state races in Connecticut. Several of my friends are running, so I’m hesitating to write about that.

The summer solstice is almost upon us and before we know it, the list of emerging artists for this year’s Falcon Ridge Folk Festival will be announced. Then there will be the plays at the New York Fringe Festival, and there will be the eclipse. There will be “moons and Junes and ferris wheels”.

So, invoking the old childhood chant, Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, let’s hope for a great June and a great summer.

The Unexpected Rabbit

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. Happy New Year. Recently, I asked my friends what they thought I should resolve for the New Year. I am facing great uncertainty this coming year, especially around my spiritual journey and our political climate. Will 2017 be a breakout year, in some unexpected way?

Kim, Fiona, and I have gotten tickets to go see Amelie when it opens on Broadway. So last night, we watched the movie. Will this be the year that I find an old tin box full of childhood keepsakes? Will it be the year that I set off to help others in my own quirky way? Will it be the year that I build up enough courage to let something truly wonderful happen to me?

I already have a wonderful marriage, a wonderful family, and a wonderful life (to bring in a different movie title), but is this the year that something gets added to that, in terms of life ambitions, the spiritual journey and the work (much more than my job), that I am to do?

I didn’t get a lot of responses to my blog post asking for suggestions, but one that did stick with me was a reference to #OneLittleWord. The starting point for me in thinking about #OneLittleWord is a blog post by Deanna Mascle whom I met through a community of connected learners. Last July, she wrote Write Your Future in #OneLittleWord.

What is my one little word? Perhaps, it stays with the blog post I wrote at the beginning of last year. Unexpected. 2016 certainly had some unexpected twists. It looks like more of the same may be in store for 2017.

Let’s hope for some unexpected joy this year as we, like Amelie, find the courage to let something truly wonderful unexpectedly happen to us this year.

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. World AIDS Day. Advent. Seeking quiet and simplicity, amidst suffering. Contemplating ekphrastic poetry and non-violent communication techniques online. Getting ready for another busy day.

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