“It was twenty years ago today, Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play, “

It was twenty-four years ago today, that I woke up in an old spice factory that had been converted to loft space in the Navy Yard section of Brooklyn. I was working as a computer programmer for a large life insurance company. One of my roommates was a food service manager at CBS. He had to get in early to feed everyone who wanted breakfast at the broadcast center.

The direction of the Democratic Party, and the role that Blogs can play

(Originally published in Greater Democracy)

The talk today is about how Oregon DNC member Mary Botkin has been unseated by Jenny Greenleaf! Blue Oregon has particularly good coverage of this, and Political State Report and DailyKOS are also talking about this.

Blue Oregon also notes that Sal Peralta decided not to run against Wayne Kinney. I am disappointed that Sal didn’t run. I love democracy and I love to see it take place when it comes to electing the leadership of the party. I am very excited to see the democratic fervor sweep parts of the party as we decide who the next DNC Chair will be.

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The Medical Liability Insurance Crisis

Last week, Kim and I took Fiona to our pediatrician. While we were there we noted signs put up by Connecticut Doctor’s for Good Medicine. The sign was urging patients to support nine different candidates. We have spent a bit of time researching the PAC as well as the issues and would like to share the following observations.

About the PAC

Actually, Connecticut Doctor’s for Good Medicine is registered with the state as two separate two person PACs. Connecticut Doctor’s for Good Medicine (Norwalk Chapter), Claudia Gruss, MD, Treas.,P.O. Box 270, Georgetown, CT 06829 and Connecticut Doctor’s for Good Medicine (Stamford Chapter) Charles Littlejohn, MD, Treas., 70 Mill River Street, Stamford, CT 06902.

Herding free-range cats

Herding free-range cats: An exploration into the organizational dynamics of an open software project

On a mid-September weekend in 2004, about two dozen people sat around a table on the fifth floor of an ecologically friendly building in San Francisco. Almost everyone there was under twenty-five, almost everyone there was male, almost everyone there had a laptop fired up and connected to the internet over WiFi, and everyone there was interested in finding ways to better use technology to bring about social change.

It was the first CivicSpace Summit. A year and a half earlier, a couple college kids who had become excited about electoral politics through Howard Dean’s presidential campaign had started talking together. They wanted to build the ultimate open source campaign tool. It would use some sort of content management, syndication of articles, maybe some sort of buddy list, etc. All the sites would be connected together.


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