Server Problems, DemFest, etc.

The server for Orient Lodge and is down, so I'm putting up a couple quick posts here. I'll get them over to the appropriate blogs soon.

I haven’t been writing a lot for my blog over the past couple weeks because I’ve been really busy with the DeStefano campaign, going to my college reunion, and work stuff.

Now, I am down at DemFest.

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Bail for my Brother-in-law

Today, I received an email from my brother-in-law asking me to help him post bail as part of the MDA Lock. You can see the page here.

I think this is a neat idea to catch people's attention. Stop by, take a look, and contribute to the Muscular Dystrophy Association

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Book Blogs

Today, I received an email from Leon Benjamin about his new book, Winning by Sharing. I've checked out the website and found the link to the book's blog.

It seems as if this is an important emerging trend. Christian Crumlish's website for his book The Power of Many is a blog.

The website for the book Extreme Democracy, which I have a chapter in, is also a blog.

Connecticut Political Gossip

Updated to fix error. (See Comments)

(Note: I don't usually go for political gossip, and I'm not Wonkette, nor is this as juicy, but there is a bunch of political gossip going around that I thought should be shared.)

Last night, the Torrington DFA Meetup had various candidates speaking about their campaigns. Mayor DeStefano was there and in my role as BlogMaster for the DeStefano campaign I attended. However, the interesting parts of the Meetup weren’t Mayor DeStefano's stump speech. Sure, many people spoke with me afterwards saying, "He’s good." Instead, the political gossip was what captured a lot of people's attention.

Homeless Children, International, Redux

Early last month, I wrote this blog entry about Homeless Children, International - Kenya.

Today, I received an email from Megan White that Channel 12 will be showing a brief clip about her work starting this evening at around 5:20, and continuing for the next day.

If you get a chance, please check it out.

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