MGP2006 : Finding a new definition of Journalism.

“Journalism is really conversation among citizens”

Tom Rosenstiel talks about public houses and how people would log what they had seen on their way to the public houses, and others would come and read those logs.

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Liveblogging the Media Giraffe Summit Thursday morning.

First talk this morning is by Steven Grey, executive director of the American Press Institute’s “Newspaper Next” initiative.

It is a one-year $2.7 million project of API, in partnership with Dr. Clayton Christensen, Innosight, LLC. It’s goal is to help the newspaper industry diversify.

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Liveblogging the Media Giraffe Project.

Dinner has ended, Helen Thomas has spoken briefly, and now, members of the panel are making their initial comments. I’ve set up an IRC channel, irc:// where people can get together and talk about the conference. Paul Bass has written a post about Helen’s first talk. For more information about Wednesday's talk click on read more. To read entries about other sessions, click on media.

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Scheduled Outage

The servers that host Orient Lodge are scheduled to be unavailable between June 30th and July 7th. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Games for Change IRC Channel

If anyone is interested in a live Games for Change backchannel, please join me on IRC #06-G4C on (irc://
Click on games for posts here about the conference, and the for other links. Also, be sure to say hello in the comments.

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