Second Life Trading: Where have all the buyers gone?

Over the past few days, spreads have widened drastically on both the VSTEX and ACE exchanges. Most of this change has come as buyers have disappeared. There are still plenty of sellers and this has driven down both the bid and the last prices, but the asking prices aren’t really moving much.

VSTEX had its third busiest day of the month yesterday, but still the movement appears to be based simply on the disappearance of buyers and not on any fundamental changes, negative news or even panic buying.

Based on this, it seems like this is a good time to step in and place orders for stocks that you are interested in that seem undervalued. I’ve placed a fair amount of orders and have been picking up stocks at prices I consider way below their market value. In one case, I turned around sold some of the shares at nearly twice the price I paid for them in less than 24 hours. I will gladly buy stocks and sell them the next day at twice the price as often as I can.

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At The Funeral Home

There is something wrong with the air.
It feels heavy.
It sits awkwardly in my mouth, my throat, my lungs.
I cannot breathe.

There is something wrong with the air.
It stings my eyes.
I look around frantically for a glimmer of hope or joy.
I cannot see.

There is something wrong with the air
It clogs my ears.
I listen numbly for the sound of laughter,
But hear only crying.

It isn’t the fragrance of the flowers.
It isn’t the dim light illuming the coffin.
It is the emptiness
Knowing a friend is gone.

Emerging Quirkiness

O wad some Power the giftie gie us
To see oursels as ithers see us!

- Robert Burns, To a Louse

In 1999, Professor David Jacobson of Brandeis University led a group of anthropology students into a text based virtual world where they were asked to interact with certain residents of the virtual world, and write up the impressions they had formed. Professor Jacobson then used this data to explore how we form impressions of people we interact with online.

I was one of the residents that the students interacted with and I found it very interesting to read Professor Jacobson’s paper about their impressions of me. It was particularly interesting to me since I was going through a divorce at the time and trying to reform my own self-impressions.

It is interesting to reflect on this in terms of my recent experiences with Spock, Spoke, Wink, Zoominfo, and other sites focused on online reputations.

The Christmas Tree

The large green tree
waits patiently
next to the growing pile of wrapped Christmas presents,
the dust covered boxes of last year’s ornaments,
and the couch, where the college student,
home for the holidays,
lays half delirious,
from this season’s stomach bug.


A fragment of one of last night’s dreams remains with me this morning. I was in school. I had been distracted and was trying to find my place. We were studying poetry and I commented to the instructor about having not been writing much poetry recently. She asked me why I hadn’t been, and I said I didn’t know. I’ve just been distracted.

Well, maybe there is a message in that dream fragment. Maybe some of the reason I haven’t written much poetry recently is that I read or listen to some great poetry and get discouraged. Then, I read some blogs where people are putting up poetry that just doesn’t resonate with me, and I think, I don’t want to be putting up poetry that doesn’t resonate with anyone.

Yet, like with NaNoWriMo, there is something important about just doing it, so today, I’m going to start putting up some of my poetic scribblings.

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