Post AGPA dream

As my cellphone started chirping this morning, alerting me to my need to get my stuff together and get on the road back home, I was in the midst of a striking dream. It started in what seemed to be the parking lot of a shopping center. I was driving the car and had pulled into a parking lot. I was inching the car forward to be all the way into the lot, but I went a little too far and hit the curb. I backed up, but backed up to far. I pulled forward again and overshot the curb by a greater amount, backed up again to correct things. By then, Kim as out of the car getting stuff out of the trunk, which I'm not sure how she did it. I was concerned about hitting her and pulled forward, driving across the curb through the parking and making a grand loop back to where Kim was. She was concerned about if I was alright and I said I felt okay, just out of focus. So, she decided that I should simply drive home. She would get home some other way.

I drove home through a town that seemed very much like the town I grew up in as a child. As I drove, two women in outfits that seemed like a cross between a clown out fit and a running suit, went out for a run, crossing my path. I worried about being able to avoid hitting them. I pulled onto another street that was crowded with pedestrians. Angst filled, I drove very carefully home, where I arrived safely, without doing any damage to anyone or anything, except perhaps my own equilibrium.

In a few minutes, I will head off to the train station. I will sit on the train and process and write about my experiences at the AGPA conference. I hope to get home safely, regaining my equilibrium, and not hitting anyone on the way. I am not sure how much this is about the AGPA conference and the wonderfully varied reactions to me as a blogger and member of the press that I received. Other associations or interpretations are welcome.

AGPA Saturday recap.

So, the annual conference of the American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA) is done. It was a day with a great lecture, a fun lunch at which the Capital Steps performed, and a long large group session. Afterwards, there was a reception which provided a chance to say goodbye to anyone who hadn't hopped on a plane already. I went out to dinner with a few people still in town and have made it back to my friends' house fairly early. I'm exhausted and will save my more detailed recap and other writing for later. Perhaps I shall get some good writing done on the train home tomorrow. If you are someone coming as a result of meeting me at AGPA, please check back over the next few days to see if I've gotten a chance to write anything more that a few quick recaps.

For those of you looking for my writing about Second Life and Politics, I hope to return to those topics after I get home, perhaps as early as Monday, depending on how over loaded my email box is. The rest of my writing about the AGPA conference can be found in the psychology section.

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Second Life Notes

I am off on a trip right now, so my time in Second Life has been very limited. I haven't stopped at the State Fair since it opened, I hope it is going well. I haven't been following the latest drama in the Second Life stock exchanges, other than to catch comments that everyone is suggesting that notorious scam artists are back in the form of whomever they are currently feuding with. These suggestions have spilled over to alternative grids, including allegations that one of the new grids is actually being run by a particularly notorious scam artist.

Meanwhile, Paulo Casaca, the first member of the European Parliament who has started using Second Life publicly will be in world today at noon, SLT, to talk about the CIA Flights to Guantanamo. The talk is aimed at students, teachers and the press. If you are interested in attending, please contact Irah Anatine.

Also, the Foundation for Rich Content has announced that it will be offering three grants, up to L$ 25,000 each for projects "that would enrich the lives of SL residents". Proposals can be sent to Persephone Phoenix by March 15th.

With all the other things going on right now, I've moved many of my articles about Second Life off of the front page of my blog. You can still find them in the Games section of the blog. Follow that link for all of my Second Life related articles.

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Wordless Wednesday - Fiona and the Snake

Fiona and a Snake, originally uploaded by Aldon.

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House Sale, Work, Upcoming Events

T.S. Eliot said April is the cruelest month, but it looks like March might be more complicated for me. Tomorrow, I leave for the American Group Psychotherapy Association annual meeting in Washington, DC. I’ll be gone through Sunday. I’m busy making plans for trying to keep on top of everything that is piling up and leading towards a busy March.

First, there has been a steady stream of potential buyers visiting the old house back in Stamford. I am expecting an offer or two any day. It is a welcome relief. I had been thinking that the house would be sold off at an auction, but now that seems much less likely. So, while I’ll have to stay in touch for developments on that.

Then, there is work related stuff. I haven’t found the steady source of income I need, but consulting gigs are turning up more and more, and I may end up working on a few projects during my train ride to DC.

Added to the mix is the Avery Doninger case. It is now scheduled to be heard in the Second Circuit in New York City on March 4th. I’ve spoken with several people who talk about what an experience it is to attend the Second Circuit. So, I’ll go from blogging a Group Psychotherapy conference to blogging a trial at the Second Circuit. It should be very interesting.

To tie things all together, there is an exciting development with the house in Stamford that I can’t blog about yet. It adds one more level of complexity to the whole situation, but looks beneficial to everyone, and very cool as well.

Now, this evening, I’m on a conference call, that is a mixed reality event in Second Life with Rockridge Nation. I am getting more information about the Virtual State Fair, sponsored by the Cooperative Extension and I’m trying to follow all of the latest Second Life Stock Exchange drama. Meanwhile, Kim and Fiona watch American Idol and I’m hoping to follow some of the Wisconsin primary returns.

So, I try to get all everything organized for me trip, amidst interruptions.

Virtual State Fair, originally uploaded by Aldon.
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