They have a note

The word in the media room is that the marshals have a note from the jurors. People are meeting at 9:45. People say comments, "I've seen verdicts come in the form of a note before". Others say "If the ask for St. Patrick's day T-Shirts, it's not a good sign." Another person says, I just spoke with Jenna, "It is just a note."

Update: Everyone is sitting, waiting... Fitzpatrick is talking with his team, as is wells... Libby looks pensive...

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Libby Trial: The attorneys

As I sit and wait for a verdict, I wonder about the lawyers involved in the Libby Case.

Six years ago, my father-in-law, a retired U.S. Treasury agent, who had lost his first wife to cancer, remarried. His loving and lovely bride had worked with him as a Treasury agent for years and had comforted him as he mourned the loss of his first wife. The friendship blossomed into a romance and my wife, her brother and all of us rejoiced at their marriage. Today, Fiona, my youngest daughter can think of nothing she would love in the world more than us buying the house down the street from her papa and nana.

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The Libby Trial: Week six

When I first spoke with Robert Cox about blogging the Libby Trial on week six, I realized it was a lot like buying tickets to game six of the World Series. The whole thing could be over before I get there, or I might be going down for the most exciting time.

Well, week six starts tomorrow. The jury hasn’t reached a verdict, so I am going to hop on a train this evening and show up at the courthouse bright and early. Today, I’m struggling getting over a stomach bug and trying to make sure my logistics are all lined up. Where will I stay Monday night if they don’t reach a verdict on Monday? Do I have all the proper technology?

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The Verdict: How do we handle dissent?

On July 6, 2003, Joseph Wilson wrote an Op-Ed for the New York Times criticizing the Bush Administration’s rush into the Iraq war. Eight days later, Robert Novak wrote a column revealing Wilson’s wife’s role within the CIA. We may never know exactly what happened within the office of the Vice President and discussions with members of the media, but one way of dealing with dissent is to attack the dissenter’s family. When attacks step over the line, the U.S. legal system gets involved, and we shall see if I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby will be found guilty of obstructing the efforts of the U.S. legal system to get to the bottom of this.

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Regionalized Social Media

Over the past several months, I’ve been involved with various regional efforts in the progressive political blogosphere. I keep posting on my own blog, as well as various national blogs, but I also participate in Connecticut’s progressive political blog of record, MyLeftNutmeg. From time to time I visit neighboring regional progressive political blogs of record like BlueMassGroup, Below Boston, Blue Hampshire, Green Mountain Daily all in New England, and blogs like Culture Kitchen in New York, and Blue Jersey in New Jersey.

Yet social media is much more than just progressive political blogs. In New England, the New England News Forum is convening a conference on how changing media is changing civic involvement. It will include journalists, bloggers, educators, people interested in economic development and social issues.

I will be co-leading a session, “From DC courts to NH campaigns: Has blogging gone mainstream media?” I hope that many of my friends from New England regional blogs attend, and participate in discussions of how the broader spectrum of social media interacts in New England for the benefit of us all.

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