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At about 5:30 this evening, about the same time as I was leaving the court house, an email came out saying that the court received a note with a question from the jury at the end of the day. Due to scheduling issues, the note should be addressed in court around 9:30. We'll find out what the note says then.

Another day of waiting ends

Well, another day of waiting has ended with no verdict. It was a pretty slow day today. There was the music earlier on. In the afternoon, one of the journalists put her head down to rest. Everyone talked about different things to do…. Quietly leave the room and let her think the verdict came while she was sleeping. Tie her shoes together. Put her hand in warm water. She woke up in the middle of the discussion.

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The value of cameras in the courtroom

I am sitting in the Federal Courthouse in Washington DC, waiting for a verdict in the Libby trial. I’ve just gotten back from lunch where I sat with a few people from CourtTV. I told them the story about Ken Krayeske’s arrest, hoping to stir up a little interest in the case. One person, however, mentioned that Connecticut doesn’t allow cameras in its courtrooms.

It seems like this is another topic that folks at MyLeftNutmeg might want to start talking about with their State Representatives and State Senators. Does anyone here know what the rules are about cameras in the courts in Connecticut and how to go about opening up the Connecticut courts to cameras?

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The Libby Trial Media Room updates

The air conditioning appears to be fixed. Someone is piping in music over the speakers. Currently, it is “God only knows what I’d be with out you” by the Beach Boys.

The room continues to fill up. The song ends and another comes on. People argue over what the new song is. One person asks, "Is it true that this is music from Fitzgerald's iPod?"

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In the media room

Tuesday, Week six. Everyone is busy typing away, preparing for a hoped for verdict. People talk about whether or not it will come today. There is a sense of anticipation. The media room is hot, the air conditioning isn’t working properly. There are jokes about it being fixed soon after the verdict is delivered. People talk about wearing their verdict suits today, and the room is packed today.

As we sit and wait for a verdict, the monitor is showing Judge Walton’s courtroom. He is currently hearing the case of some young black man who has violated parole, or something like that. I haven’t been paying close. Then, over the speaker comes Judge Walton speaking forcefully, “I find it deplorable for a young black man want to put himself in chains. If that is all you think you are worth, then we will do that to you.” The defendant asks to be sent to a facility that provides mental health and asks to have other health issues addressed.

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