Road Trip, the Metaphor

I am sitting my a dorm room at College of Wooster like I often did many years ago, except this time, I’m writing on a laptop instead of in a notepad. When I am done writing, I’ll post it on my blog, instead of typing it up to hand in to a professor.

It has been a long trip coming back, in many ways. We left early in the morning so I could avoid rush hour traffic in New York City. I prolonged various breaks by playing Ingress. My Ingress friends will be interested to know that I hacked 98 new unique portals and captured 48 of them. I also completed two missions

During the drive, particularly while Kim was sleeping, I had lots of time to reflect. I thought, my life is a metaphor. I’m just not sure what it is a metaphor of. When Kim was awake, we had long talks where we see things going next in our lives

In Ohio, we got off the interstate and drove around the back roads for a while, probably another part of the metaphor. I thought about returning to Wooster and about Robert Pirsig’s journey. different, but perhaps with some parallels. I drove through run down parts of Youngstown, through nicer areas and into Amish country.

In one store, I ran into a classmate who was in the area on business but couldn’t stay for the reunion. We had a good, but brief chat. He made some sort of comment about how our meeting was meant to be, but not being sure what was really meant, or something like that. At least that is the way I heard it because of my looking at those coincidences in my life these days.

Kim and I stopped at an Amish restaurant on our way to campus, and had a great meal. I’m still digesting it, both the food, and the experience.

It is hot in the dorm room, but cooling off outside. Soon, I’ll head off to bed and we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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