Certainty Addicts - #LoveBadeMeWelcome #Rhizo15 #Transhumanism

One of the quotes from #LoveBadeMeWelcome that I shared yesterday was "Embrace ambiguity, not vagueness". A person from the Rhizomatic learning group responded to this, talking about his own journey, ending off with “I think I could call myself a recovering certainty-addict.”

I wonder how much we are a culture of certainty-addicts. How does this relate to rhizomatic learning?

Meanwhile, another friend posted about humanism and transhumanism.

In that thread, one person posted, “I think it's very important to have clear definitions - otherwise we'll be proceeding from one confused state to another, and that will be rife with problems and pitfalls.”

Yet when we get into arts, philosophy, and religion, I wonder how much it really is possible to have ‘clear definitions’. There is much ambiguity to be embraced. This does not say that we should be embracing vagueness or wishy-washingness, but I wonder if the quest for ‘clear definitions’ isn’t often a fools quest for certainty addicts.

Yes, perhaps we are all proceeding from one confused state to another, only seeing through a mirror darkly.

How does transhumanism, rhizomatic learning, and mysticism all fit together?

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