#TellAFriend #GetCovered

July 2004. By Internet standards, it was nearly an eternity ago. Facebook was a few months old. Twitter hadn’t been launched yet, and a State Senator from Illinois who was running for U.S. Senate stopped by to say a few words at the Bloggers breakfast at the Democratic National Convention in Boston. Later, State Senator Barack Obama delivered the keynote address at the convention. Up in the nosebleed section, a group of bloggers provided live updates from the convention.

Four years later, I had the opportunity to live blog on election night from NPR Studios in Washington, DC. The online conversations were mostly jubilant as people shared their experiences and reactions.

Now, it seems like everyone is online. We all livetweet important events, like the Emmys or various music award shows. We follow our favorite performers on Twitter and retweet what they have to say.

Some have complained about the banality of social media today, longing for those days when something you said online seemed capable of making a big difference in the lives of those around us.

Yet there are opportunities to share what celebrities are saying, and have a big impact on people’s lives. Covered California, along with partners including Enroll America has launched the Tell A Friend – Get Covered in collaboration with other state health exchanges with a goal of sharing the hows and whys of getting covered.

The campaign will engage celebrities, athletes, musicians, social media creators and individuals who want to tell their friends to spread the word about how to get insurance coverage.

The campaign will include an 8-hour, live-streamed event on January 16 that will include stories, tips, helpful information and other details related to national health care options.

It will be a great opportunity to livetweet, as well as share on sites like Vine and Instragram, what celebrities and others are saying about how we can get health insurance coverage. It is a chance to have a big impact on others lives. I hope to spend a bit of time sharing this event and I hope many of my friends do as well.

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