Thinking about Glass Development

This weekend, I'm getting together with a long time friend and software developer with whom I've worked on many interesting projects. We'll spend some time thinking and talking about what could be done using Google Glass.

I've commented to people that Glass is still a prototype and there isn't a lot out there for it yet. You can send pictures and videos to Google+ Twitter, Facebook, Evernote and probably a few other locations. You can get limited notifications from Twitter, Gmail, CNN and the New York Times. You can search information and get directions. I did find a fitness app being developed which I tested once and should test more when I get a chance.

Currently, I've been using an app called FieldTrip on my Android phone. When I am near a location of interest, a message pops up on the phone about the location. This would be a nice app on Glass, especially if you could select different topics your interested in having pop up. My understanding is that Ingress uses the FieldTrip framework, so getting Glass to send me a pop up message when I'm near an Ingress Portal would be very nice. Adding filters, so it would only pop up if the portal was a certain level or controlled by a certain faction would also be nice. Advanced features might be to look for specific portal owners, mods, etc., sort of like some of the stuff in Ingress Intel Total Conversion.

There is a development platform, which on first glance appears somewhat limited, but has potential. One of the things I'm particularly interested in building frameworks. I've worked a lot in Drupal over the years, so I'm interested in a Drupal module that would allow for the easy access of nodes via Glass. I'm also interested in some sort of Wiki for Glass. At work, we use Microsoft's Sharepoint as well as Microsoft's Analysis Services, Cubes. A framework for accessing Sharepoint or Cubes would also be very nice.

Making it so the Drupal nodes, the Wiki entries or Sharepoint pages could be geotagged and pop up in a FieldTrip like App would be really nice. Ideally, a FieldTrip app, or something related, which could pop up messages from any selected set of sources would be particularly cool. For work, my interest in data in the cube is not particularly geocoded. However, I did some experimenting with PostGIS a while ago and having a Postgres, or other database that could have geocoded data and pop up messages from that data could be very interesting. For example, MySQL with OpenGIS extensions support a distance calculations. For a starting point on this, I looked at New UDF for MySQL 5.1 provides GIS functions distance_sphere() and distance_spheroid()

Imagine census data, population health data, or health disparity data in a geocoded database. When you enter an area where some data point meets a certain criteria, a popup shows up on Glass.

"Woodbridge, CT: Zip 06525, 2010 Population 8,990 41.9% Graduate or Professional Degree, 22.4% Italien"

For that matter, a Fact Finder Google Glass App would be very interesting.

I suspect a lot of this stuff would be fairly easy to develop using the existing Mirror API. As an aside, I should really spend a little time getting up to speed in Go and Google's App Engine.

However, there are lots of other aspects of Glass that I'd love to see developed, which probably go beyond what you can do with the Mirror API. I don't know how much computing power is available on Glass, but I'd be very interested in seeing if Glass could do Eulerian Video Magnification. The health care applications would be fascinating.

I also like to think of Glass in terms of the larger set of technologies I'll refer to as wearable computing. I include things like the Pebble Watch and Fitbit. Imagine the capabilities of Glass, Pebble, and Fitbit combined into one device. You could go for a run, see your course, distance, speed and splits. You could add in information, like for a race course, how far you are to the next water stop, or how your doing against other people using the same device. It could monitor your heartbeat, perhaps even your blood oxygen levels, and give you warnings if you are over exerting yourself, or perhaps encouragement to push harder if you aren't exerting yourself as much as you should.

There's plenty more to think about for Glass Development, but these are a few of my starting interests. What do you think?

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