Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. The persistent light summer rain has yielded to the occasional residual drops falling from leaves and gutters. July has arrived and I greet it with the monthly harkening back to simpler days of childhood where three small words could invoke good fortune.

May was the busiest month, and I had hoped that things would slow down in June, yet it was still so busy that I needed to carefully plan out each day. I haven't written a similar plan for July.

I took Friday off from work, and even though it was a busy day, going from a funeral to a swearing in ceremony, it still felt like a day off. Saturday was full of the typical summer time tasks, a trip to the dump, mowing the lawn, swimming at the pool, and then gathering with some long lost friends of Kim, it also had summer pacing to it.

Some of this is due to a nasty canker sore that has been afflicting me. I am assuming it is this canker that has resonated through out the right side of my head causing an earache, headache, and fatigue. I slept as much as I could during the weekend and am still tired.

I won't end this blog post like I do many other start of month blog posts, highlighting the upcoming planned activities. Instead, as much as possible, I'm planning on slowing down and listening to the last drops of a summer rain storm fade into the sound of birds greeting the morn.

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