Social Media Saturday

Have you ever wondered what a social media manager does during a cold winter Saturday? Well, it's not a lot different from any other day. Sure, I don't drive to the office, but I do much of my work online. Today, I checked several different email accounts, including my work accounts. I helped revise a presentation for the company I work at and kept an eye on different social media accounts, both personal and professional.

To a certain extent, social media managers are expected to be connected 24/7. Yeah, there are times I put down my smartphone and close my laptop, but they are rare. Even during my off hours, I find ways to establish stronger connections with others involved in social media.

This weekend is [x]Pendapalooza on Empire Avenue. Empire Avenue is a game where you buy stock in other people involved in social media. The value of their stock changes based on their interactions on Empire Avenue and other social media sites. [x]Pendapalooza is a twenty-four hour social media stock buying frenzy. I have been saving up for [x]Pendapalooza over the past few days, and made a lot of stock purchases this morning.

Then, I did one of my Saturday, mostly offline, rituals. I went to the dump, or, more accurately, the transfer station. After I tossed by garbage in one bin and my recycling in another, I checked in on Foursquare. Yes, I'm still the Mayor of the Woodbridge Transfer Station.

I did get a chance to take a nap. Ever since the death of my mother, I've been pretty worn down. Afterwards, I dealt with some of the issues around my mother's estate and checked in a little more on social media. I had dinner, and did more work for the office. I think I'm mostly caught up now, so I'm taking time to write. I'm back in the groove of writing every day, and I think I'm making progress improving my writing, but there are days that the blank page remains a challenge, or when I go back and read over what I've written, it just doesn't sing. Sometimes it is because inspiration has not visited. Other times, it is because I've spent so much time writing other things, that I don't have the energy to work on my blog.

It is quite now. It is cold and dark outside. Kim, Fiona and our dog Wesley are out on a mission, and it is quiet her;, the only sound being that of the furnace and the grandfather clock when it chimes the quarter hour.

Writing can be a nice repose. Now, I'll search for more inspiration, new ideas to write about and to improve my writing. Then, there will be a little more family time followed soon enough by more sleep.

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