#Occupy Your Mind with Post Broadcast Politics

Sunday evening, I went to a planning meeting for Occupy Hartford. (For my initial thoughts about the meeting, see my #OccupyHartford blog post.)

One of the topics discussed was about whose attention are we trying to get. Is it business leaders? Is it the politicians? Is it the traditional media? Is it the general populous? Related to that, what is the message we are trying to get across and the results we are trying to accomplish.

A mailing list has been set up, and there is incredible energy on the list, as people work together to reach consensus on some of these topics.

With this being a group drawn together by some general ideas, different people will have different opinions, and many of these opinions will overlap. For example, business leaders, politicians, and journalists are all part of the general populous. So, if we try to reach the general populous, we are trying to reach business leaders as part of that.

Likewise, as we talk, we find ideas that resonate and we can speak individually about the ones that are most important to each one of us.

Since I am a social media person, this plays an important role in how I am looking at things. Years ago, I wrote about 'post-broadcast politics', a phrase I learned from a friend. Yet the post broadcast politics we talked about nearly a decade ago, really didn't take shape. Maybe, now, it really is.

The #Occupy movement, like the Arabic Spring, is powered by social media, where each one of us can have our say, and can say it socially as part of something bigger. It is the sort of direct involvement that has been so elusive for years, and many of us may still have problems tapping into it.

Instead of listening to the news to tell us what they think we need to hear, or even having to have the group agree on exactly what we are going to say, each one of us can say what is important, and the themes others pick up on end up getting the most focus.

This presents difficulties for people used to the older hierarchical broadcast style of involvement, but it is very liberating. #occupy your mind with post broadcast politics.

With this, let me share a few thoughts about what the #Occupy movement is really all about. I'm using #occupy extensively since it seems to be 'the brand', and it is a word that we can do a lot with.

What is it that #occupies your mind? Are you pre-occupied with what is being broadcast to you by the traditional media? By bloggers, and new media or social media? Is your mind occupied with searching for mindless entertainment, or simply getting the next meal? Are you pre-occupied with bread and circuses?

Is your career occupied with an effort to get ahead by taking advantage of others, or does the idea of working together to help one another out occupy a greater place in how you try to live your life?

What matters to me, is reaching the general populous and trying to get them to occupy their minds with post broadcast politics based on collaboratively seeking the common good That, it seems to me, is what is sorely needed today, and is the anti-thesis of the corporate greed where 1% take advantage of the other 99%

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