Empire Avenue

On Friday, I wrote a blog post highlighting some of the people that I’ve connected with via Empire Avenue. Today, @gihangamos posted on one of the boards that they would buy large positions in Empire Avenue for anyone who followed them on Twitter and Tweeted about it. I joined in and he invested in my shares on Empire Avenue. I used some of the proceeds from his investment to invest in him, which is a fairly common thing to do on Empire Avenue. Then I headed off about my day.

This evening, I came home and found that many other people had invested in my shares on Empire Avenue and I’ve had a major increase in my share price, as well as receiving a lot of funds to invest in others. So, I’ve spent a bit of time increasing my investments. This led to more investments in my shares, and further increases in my values.

Now, my guests have returned, so I’ll stop and be social face to face and check in later.

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