Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit and the Google YMCA

Okay, each month, I start off with Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, harkening back to a simple time when such invocations were believed to bring good luck for the month. My last month seemed pretty lucky, but it also was very tiring.

Now, I look forward to April. The month starts off with April Fools day and a search for fun little pranks. Google, like they usually do, has come up with some good ones.

As a start, go to Google Search, and type helvetica. Nice. Unfortunately wingdings doesn’t seem to work the same way.

Perhaps more important is the announcement of Google Motion. It makes a lot of sense as Google’s response to Microsoft Kinect.

Now, I just need to crank up The Village People’s song YMCA for when I write my next memo. I’m sure there are some other great pranks out there. Let me know any you find.

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