Partnership for a Compassion Free America

"I'm proud of this moment," a relaxed and confident Boehner said late Friday. "This is diving off the 50-foot diving board your first dive."

From The education of John Boehner

So, today, the House of Representatives cut vital portions of the safety net while making sure that the Army could continue to sponsor Nascar racers. (See Gail Collin's Op-Ed, Sacred Cows, Angry Birds for more on this.)

As a person who works at a community health center, and sees the jobs that it creates, for medical providers, and for that matter, construction workers building new health care facilities, and as a person that has gotten to know the stories of vision, limb, and even lives saved, I can only see Boehner's proud moment of jumping off a 50-foot diving board as reckless.

It reminds me of the famous Public Service Announcement from the Partnership for a Drug Free America in 1989:

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