Contest Updates

Back in November, I ran my first blog contest, The Buckyballs Contest. Since starting my new job, I’ve been slow about getting the results up. Finally, here are the winners:

Cheryl at Cheryl Budge
Chris at Christopher Adams Connecticut Business & Marketing Coach & Consultant and
Tina at There is more to me

Each of them should be getting a set of Buckyballs in the mail and hopefully a visit from you after you finish reading this blog post. As a final note, through December 15th, you can still get a 15% discount if you go to their site and use “orientlodge” as a promotion code,

What goes round comes round.

I also received a notice that I’ve won a flexible tripod from Photography Exposure. This is another interesting blog worth exploring. I’m very interested in HDR photography, which really benefits from a good tripod, and I’ve been interested in reading Evan’s HDR posts.

Finally, I should get a little work done. The Community Health Center, Inc. where I now work runs a program called Recess Rocks. It is aimed at addressing issues of childhood obesity. They have just run a video contest and the results should be coming up in January. I hope you check it out.

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