Healthcamp Coming to Connecticut #hcdc10

I am a big proponent of unconferences, so Matthew Browning’s Tweet this morning, “can anyone recommend a good way to archive and share tweets from HealthCampDC #hcdc10 ?” caught my attention. Of late, I’ve been thinking a lot about how social media could be used to help improve communities’ health and HealthCamp seems like an ideal setting to explore this. Healthcamps, like Podcamps grow out of Barcamps and a long history of unconferences and open space technology.

Instead of going into lots more details about unconferences, let me point readers to a few other blog posts I’ve written about unconferences. These were mostly around the organizing of PodcacmpCT.

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So, I sent off a few tweets and saved the tweets with the #hcdc10 hashtag and started reading around to see what sort of notes there are.

One of the most interesting artifacts of any unconference is a photograph of the session wall. Here are some of the notes on the wall from HealthCampDC

Redesign food labels to say what is in and what happens to get food in the box.
Helping Patient Organizations Utilize various Social media tools more effectively
Improving Patient Medication Adherence Through Social Media
Mobile and Actual Behavior Change
Mobile phone and Virtual Reality for healthier behavioral change
Interoperability of mobile medical devices
Infant PHRS - to educate new parents and capture a complete and accurate medical history
social media’s role in Health IT (taking into account privacy risks, HIPAA etc.)
How much do patients have to pay out of pocket for their care? Where will $ come from? How do they pay for?
Visualize Health Data
DC as Example - What can we do here in Washington DC to demo the power of IT to help people improve their health?
Provider Toolbox for remote vital signs monitoring
What is the patient generated/centered health IT roadmap?

This all got organized down into this schedule of events.

Hopefully, attendees will write up notes about the different sessions.

As a final note, later in the day Matt tweeted
“#HealthCampCt is scheduled!! 4/2/11 New Haven, CT #nhv #swct #yale #ct #pcct #RNChat #dreamnhv #mhealth #hcdc10 #MDChat”

I'm pretty excited about HealthCampCT

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