Music Monday - David Nigel Lloyd

On my SonicBids Music Submission Form I ask some generic questions about the musicians and why I should review them. Most of the responses are fairly generic as well. David Nigel Lloyd, however, made a bold statement:

I get the sense you are looking for that rather ineffable thing, the Genuine Article. For better or for worse, I am one of them. 

It is enough to make me roll my eyes. Anyone claiming to be a Genuine Article probably isn’t. Yet he’s right, I am looking for something ineffable. He’s also right in noting that being a Genuine Article could end up being for better or for worse. So, I took a listen to his music, and he’s right about another thing. He’s a Genuine Article. On his website, he describes himself as a Celtic Balladeer, Song Poet, Tale Spinner, Fine Guitarist, Fool & Scholar. Yup, my sort of performer.

Part of the ineffable qualities of a Genuine Article is a sense of timelessness. Stories of love, loss, and death are universal. The setting and characters may change, the stories are the same. Lloyd captures this nicely in the first song of his I listened to as he captured being a nine year old immigrating to this country, the trail of tears, and the 1916 Easter Rising. He carries it forward as he mixes Leonard Cohen’s Future with ‘The Good Ol’ Fin de Siecle’. The next song brings in Bonnie Prince Charlie followed by a song bringing Cuchuliann to Bakersfield.

Yeah, David Nigel Lloyd is a Genuine Article alright. He’ll be playing at Fiddler’s Crossing in Tehachapi, CA at the end of the month. I’m sure it will be a great show, yet it seems like he’s the sort of musician you want to stumble across when your drinking some cheap wine somewhere else.

The Genuine Article isn’t something that you go out searching for. It is what you stumble across when you’re looking for something else, but when you see it, you know. It probably isn’t something you should write about. Instead, you need to mention it in passing. That said, check out Lloyd’s music. Buy a CD and if you live in California, keep your eyes open for a chance to hear him perform. Then you’ll be ready.

The next time you’re talking about Cuchuliann, you can say something like,
“You know, I was reading this obscure blog about obscure musicians, and I got turned onto a really great singer songwriter. His name is David Nigel Lloyd, and he’s got a song about Cuchuliann in Bakersfield. If you’re not a genuine article yourself, it might help you pass as one. If you are, you don’t need this review to tell you what a find David Nigel Lloyd is.

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