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I have now written a little program that uses the klout api to pull data about who influences whom on twitter to build much more interesting influence graphs. My most recent graph, shown below, illustrates not only who klout believes influences me on twitter, but also who influences them, back a few generations.

Some of the influence is bidirectional. I influence @jcnork and he influences me. @jwierin influences @jcnork and @jcnork influences @jwierin. @andreayap influences both @jcnork and @jwierin. @jcnork is also influenced by @WTNH and @WTNH is influenced @cvelardi who works at @WTNH, as well as by @cnnbrk and @nytimes for secondary sources and @SenChrisDodd and @whitehouse for primary sources.

In the social media side of things, @ckieff is a key influencer of me, and @ckieff is influenced by @jeffpulver who is influenced by @geogeller. @ckieff is also influenced by @JeffCulter who is influenced by @stevegarfield and by @woodruff who is influenced by @geoffliving

Another interesting influence stream is @bensawyer who influences me is influenced by @bpm140 who cofounded MyBlogLog. @bpm140 is influenced by @iankennedy whom if I recall properly used to work at Yahoo running the MyBlogLog effort after Yahoo bought it. @iankennedy is now ‘Product Guy at Nokia’. Meanwhile, I’ve been doing less with MyBlogLog and more with my Nokia N900.

@bensawyer is also influenced by @timoreilly and @timoreilly is influenced by @scottmonty over at Ford.

Perhaps the most interesting collection of influencers is around @edwebb. @edwebb is an influencer of me. @jimgroom influences @edwebb directly and also influences @sleslie who influences @edwebb. @brlamb ends up influencing but @sleslie and @jimgroom.

Klout influencers, originally uploaded by Aldon.

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