Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

It is said that “time is nature's way of making sure that everything doesn't happen at once”. Perhaps there is something unnatural about the time we live in, because it seems like too many things are happening at the same time.

I like to start off each month with “Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit” to bring the childhood hope of a lucky month. As I write my “Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit” post, I like to reflect on what has gone on the month before and what is in the cards for the coming month. I might have to be three different rabbits to chase all that is going on, but I remember the old saying, chase two hares, catch none.

Last month was very busy. A lot of my focus has been on Connecticut Politics as there have been conventions going on. Also, Nokia came out with an update for their N900 phone and with the latest news from Google, there has been a lot going on. Through all of this, I’ve been falling further and further behind in my emails.

It isn’t the four hundred unread emails that bother me so much as the dangling discussions that I need to share my thoughts on. Some of my group psychotherapist friends have been discussing conflict resolution and the situation in Israel has emerged as a key theme. Another fascinating discussion is about ‘government relationship management’. This is taking the idea of a customer relationship management system, turning it on its head as part of Berkman Institute’s work on vendor relationship management, adding a little open government and applying the ideas to our political process.

Of course this leads to Personal Democracy Forum which will take place later this week in New York City. Then, there is Internet Week, where I hope to have some interesting discussions about politics and marketing. The America’s Future Now conference, overlaps with Internet Week and it looks like I won’t make it down to DC for that conference this year. All of this is followed by my Thirtieth College Reunion.

Unfortunately, all of these require money in one way or another and that has been in short supply recently, so higher on the list is finding some new consulting contracts.

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