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Digiday:Social Pregame

I am on the train heading to another Digiday conference. It has become routine by now; the long train ride, the short walk from the train station to the W hotel, the long tables with the glass water pitchers with something like strawberries and tarragon floating in them, and the same old faces.

I’m thinking about the Annie Le murder case and I’ve just written a blog post about Outbursts. In my computer bag is a copy of Shel Israel’s Twitterville. On the train is a group of five women heading in to be on some television show where they will throw pies at one another. One of them cackles “I love survivor. It’s my show. My husband and I watch it together. It is our date night”.

How does all of this relate Digiday? How can online advertisers engage in a discussion when everyone is focusing on the latest leading, bleeding headline or the results of last night’s reality television show? Will a conversation emerge at the Digiday conference, or will it be yet another conference where speakers broadcast at the audience and the audience tunes in and out like people do in the evenings at home.

I am tweeting this using the #digiday hash tag, and have set up the following CoveritLive page for the day.

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