Being a parent

Today, I stumbled across a great blog entry about Terri Schiavo. Courting Destiny has some words well worth reading.

As I read about Terri, I cannot help but wonder what her parents are thinking. The loss of a child, even as an adult, is a horrible thing. When Kim's mother died, her grandmother became very depressed and died within a year. Years ago, I had a coworker whose five year old son was hit by a school bus and I remember her grief.

I wonder what it is like for the people in Red Lake.

It is so common to second guess oneself in rearing a child. "What if I had done something differently?"

I, too, worry about if I am doing well enough as a father. I have been through some rough spots in my life and didn't have as much to give to my children as I want. I worry about what scars they will carry with them, and what they will tell their therapists in the years to come.

Perhaps I shouldn't worry too much. Miranda brought home a report card listing her as getting highest honors in school. She is a great pianist, and she recently entered a composition in a music contest. The judges wrote:

A Stream’s Wandering Shadow
By Miranda Hynes

Judge 1:
Very effective writing. I can feel the flow of the stream. Your dynamic choices add color and drama to the “program.” I also very much like the changing arpeggios that broaden on the second page. The transition to the slow section is perfect. Bravo, Miranda!

Judge 2:

Beautiful piece with nice melodies and ideas. I felt the wandering stream and I enjoyed how you wandered. I liked how you would give me the same material, but alter it the second time, very clver and musical. Good instinct! Keep writing.

I am very proud of her accomplishments and I hope every parent that reads this takes a moment to think about what accomplishments they are most proud of in their children and then tell them how proud they are.

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