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As I visit various blogs as part of Wordless Wednesday, I find some of them are highlighting that the draft version of blogger now supports OpenID. That is very cool. I’m a big supporter of OpenID. People with OpenIDs can login and comment on my blog using OpenID. A lot of people have OpenID already without even knowing it.

If you use AOL, your OpenID is If you use Vox, your OpenID is If you use Livejournal, your OpenID is If you use hosted WordPress, your OpenID is If you use Yahoo! you can use to have it authenticate with your Yahoo! id. You can also set up your own OpenIDs at and

One of the things that is great about is that if you have many OpenID enabled accounts, like I do, you can link them all together with ClaimID. So, if you have an account that supports OpenID, sign in and say hello. If is also worth noting that you can set up your own blog to support OpenID by adding a few lines to your blog template, so I regularly use Orient Lodge as my OpenID.

In other technology related stuff, as I listened to the NPR Presidential Debate streaming yesterday online, I got the blow-by-blow recapping of the debate by Andy Carvin on Twitter. I even pointed people having problems with the stream to Andy’s Twitters. It was also through Twitter that I learned of Marc Orchant’s Massive Coronary. Our prayers go out to Marc and I keep my eye on Twitter for updates. On a happier note, it is great to participate, even peripherally, in the celebration on Hanukkah via people’s post on Twitter and their blogs. In many ways, it feels like we only have enough oil to keep for another day, but just as the oil lasted for eight days, I hold on to my faith that the Lord will provide and all of us will make it through our various trials. Happy Hanukkah everyone.

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