Poets and Writers for Avery: Second Recap

Well, I’m home. I’m exhausted. I’m still fighting some virus and this was probably more of a day that I was up for. At the event, Avery gave me a button she had made which says “Blogger and Thinker at orient-lodge.com”. I was proud to wear it during the day. At one point, she was swarmed by the press and when they asked her about the T-shirt that had been banned at Lewis S Mills High school, she asked me to come over and model it for the press.

I took lots of photos and videos, both with my cellphone and my digital camera. The cellphone pictures and videos I sent as the event took place and you should be able to see them on Facebook, Flickr, Blip.TV and YouTube. The cellphone lasted until the last band was on. When I got home, I uploaded the pictures from my digital camera. They are available on Flickr. I have started uploading the videos I shot with my digital camera. They will be on Blip.TV, but may take a little longer to get processed.

Besides the pictures and videos, I have a lot of thoughts and impressions of my own to process. I hope to have a few more posts about the event, but they may have to wait until the morning.

I’m also cleaning up the stories on my front page, so most likely only the most recent story about the Doninger case will appear on the front page. Other stories can be found by checking the Recent Blog posts box on the upper left hand side of the page, or by going to the Connecticut section of the site.

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