Friday’s Links

My blog entry, State Legislative Websites, continues to receive valuable feedback. Knowledge as Power now has their bill tracking system up in alpha test. I met their executive director, Sarah Schacht at Personal Democracy Forum in New York this sprint. She was also at the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) annual meeting the other week. I was also interested to see that Quintus Jett is on their board. I’ve known Quintus for several years through grassroots organizing. Knowledge as Power is a site well worth watching.

Karl Kutz, who blogs at The Thicket, the blog of the NCSL, wrote me to point out their database of state legislative websites. It is a great resource, and I encourage everyone to go out and find out about your state’s legislative website, and how it compares to other sites. He also has >a great summary of what happened at the NCSL annual meeting.

The court date is rapidly approaching for the Avery Doninger case. Andy Thibault continues to ferret out information about the case. A good starting point is his entry Burlington Taxpayer Outraged by Spending for Legal Fees. Be sure to follow the links about the big shell game and the FOI requests.

In lighter news, BL Ochman points us to Bradley’s Blog. Bradley is a black Labrador retriever who is up for adoption at the North Shore Animal League. If our life wasn’t so chaotic right now, I’d consider adopting Bradley. I think it is great to see blogs of pets up for adoption and I hope that whomever adopts Bradley will help him continue blogging.

Two other sites recently popped up on my radar, but I haven’t had a chance to explore them yet. The first is the Disaster Accountability Project. I haven’t had time to explore it yet, but on first glance, it looks like a site worth watching.

The other site is the Bridgeport Area Youth Ministries (BAYM). I was searching around to see who is doing interesting things with digital divide issues in Fairfield County. BAYM teaches teens in Bridgeport how to repair and use computers. When the dust settles a little, I want to find out more about them.

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