Snake on Ice

Snake on Ice, originally uploaded by Aldon.

This afternoon, Mairead and I went for a walk in some woods near our house. On the way we found this snake lying on the ice covered path. It's tongue was sticking half way out and it wasn't particularly moving, although it was clear that it was still living.

I picked up the snake and it wrapped itself tightly around my hand apparently to gain a little warmth. It was very cold to touch, but seemed to warm up and get a little more lively as I carried it.

We debated what should be done with the snake. If we brought it back home, that cat would enjoy it, but that wouldn't be good for the snake. Along the path, we found a patch of dark brown dirt, underneath a bolder, but located where the sun could shine on it.

I set the snake down on the sand. It laid there for a few moments, and then quickly slithered off deeper into the darkness beneath the bolder.

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