The direction of the Democratic Party, and the role that Blogs can play

(Originally published in Greater Democracy)

The talk today is about how Oregon DNC member Mary Botkin has been unseated by Jenny Greenleaf! Blue Oregon has particularly good coverage of this, and Political State Report and DailyKOS are also talking about this.

Blue Oregon also notes that Sal Peralta decided not to run against Wayne Kinney. I am disappointed that Sal didn’t run. I love democracy and I love to see it take place when it comes to electing the leadership of the party. I am very excited to see the democratic fervor sweep parts of the party as we decide who the next DNC Chair will be.

Mary has posted a wonderful comment on Blue Oregon congratulating Jenny. She writes, “I am sure there are more around the Country who found themselves running against - Terry Mcauliff - the DNC's failed policies and a whole new world of "bloggers" and new voters. I welcome all of you who are new to the Party and wish you well-I look forward to continuing to learn new and exciting ideas from you in your new leadership position. “

I corresponded a little with Mary as part of my activities to encourage an open discussion about who the next DNC chair should be. I was very impressed with her, and I am sad that she will not continue as DNC committeewoman from Oregon. Yet with that, I am very excited about Jenny taking up the mantle. That is what democracy at its best brings, the choice between two great people for a position. I wish we had choices like that in more elections around the country.

As I read more about this, I spent time reading through a blog entry about the campaign. This is a fascinating read. Both Jenny and Mary contributed comments. I believe it serves as a good model for people to discuss politics, and I would love to see similar blogs in future elections.

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