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Camino de Pokemon Go

It is the Feast of St. James. I am back from vacation. Through a minor mishap, I was even more disconnected over the past week than I intended to be. Give all the bad news of last week, perhaps that isn’t so bad, but now I have so much to catch up on.

Yesterday, before heading home, I went to The Chapel of St. James the Fisherman in Wellfleet. Today, I read a little more about the Camino de Sanitago. In A Medieval Pilgrimage in Modern Times, Rick Steves writes about the pilgrims,

They seem very centered, content with the experience, and tuned in to the important things in life...like taking time to talk with others.

It made me think of people playing Pokemon Go. There is so much more I want to write about St. James, about Pokemon Go, about #CLMooc. There is so much more time I want to take talking to others. There is so much more that I need to get done to dig out from this vacation. Yet I need time to get it all processed and written.

Another quote about the Camino comes to mind. Liza Gere wrote on Google Plus,

The camino provides. This is a theme I learned on my first journey on the Camino de Santiago. You find very quickly that your needs are covered and most times in miraculous and unexpected ways. So as I have been gearing up to leave there has been one…

Buen Camino


Vacation, #CLMOOC, #PokemonGo, #TinyHouses and more...

When I get busy, I typically leave windows open on my computer; webpages I want to bookmark or write about, documents I haven’t finished and will save later. Ongoing conversations in instant messenger programs, and so on. Eventually, it gets to the point where I just have to close out everything I’m working. Sometimes it is because things stop working. Sometimes it is simply because I need to tie things up. Today, it was a little bit of both.

I am starting vacation and I want to have as clean a slate as possible. There was a lot to close out, because it has been a particularly challenging week, mostly because of #CLMOOC starting and because of Pokemon Go.

I’ve saved all kinds of thoughts and links in various documents, and some of this needs to come together into a blog post. First #CLMOOC

The starting point for CLMOOC is this page. It isn’t too late to join in. One way of joining in is to simply jump in. CLMOOC is divided into Make Cycles. The first Make Cycle is around getting to know one another. Make Cycle #1: Make with Me: Who Are We?

An important part of CLMooc is the connections, reusing and mashing up content. Some of the posts that jumped out at me, not in any particular order, included Ronald Rudolf’s variation on Jennifer’s Poem, RON LEUNISSEN’s reuse of art-cards, Jeffrey Keefer mind map in Who Am I? A CLMOOC UnIntroduction (which inspired some of my writing this past week), Sarah Honeychurch’s Who am I this month? and Deanna Mascle’s<./a> Notable Notes: Exploring Identity with/in #CLMOOC. For those exploring mapping, Deanna’s post points to one of Jeffrey Keefer’s post, one of my posts, and several others. I also want to highlight Kevin Hodgson’s poem about vocal harmony in a world of so much disharmony in the world around us.

Deanna’s comments about my post hit on another big topic for me this week, Pokemon. She provided a link to two great articles, 14 reasons #PokemonGO has a future in education; or, Why #PokemonGO deserves the thoughtful, creative, attention of schools and teachers and Pokémon Go Has Created a New Kind of Flâneur

Another really important article, I thought, was Ezra Klein’s Pokémon Go isn’t a fad. It’s a beginning.

Meanwhile, at work, we’ve been talking a lot about Pokemon. In a blog post, Pokémon Go: In, Near, and Around the Health Center, in Mark Masselli’s LinkedIn post, Pokémon Go and Community Health, in a Facebook Album, Pokemon GO at CHC, and in various news articles: PokeMon at CHC New Britain and
Pokemon Go gaming craze has players getting outside to find Pikachu

So now, I’m heading off to vacation. I’ll see what is available for Pokemon on Cape Cod. I’ll stop at the 2nd BIG Tiny House Festival in Concord, MA on the way, and hopefully, I will get time to read, relax, and maybe even get more writing done.

Seventy Five Windows

Yup. That's about how many windows I had open on my PC before it crashed. Many of them came back with autorecovery when I restarted. Poetry, Pokemon, CLMooc, theology, numerous projects under way. Soon, I will get some time to tie bits and pieces of this together into blog posts, writing notes, and completed projects. For now, they will just need to percolate a little bit longer.

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