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A new millennium of emperor’s new clothes.

(Originally published in Greater Democracy)

I’ve often wondered how the young boy in the story of the emperor’s new clothes got away with saying that the emperor had no clothes.

Today, the Fashion Network News, which would have been talking so effusively about the emperor’s new clothes, surely would have discredited the young boy. There probably would have been a congressional hearing in which the young boy would have been asked if he was now, or very had been, a member of the communist party. He might have been detained as a suspected terrorist or enemy combatant. If also else failed, he would have been limited to expressing his opinion in a freespeech zone.

On the other hand, maybe he would have started a blog.

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7 O’clock news/Silent Night

(Originally published in Greater Democracy)

“I’m sitting in the railway station, gotta ticket for my destination…”

For some reason, Simon and Garfunkel is going through my mind.

“Each town looks the same to me in shades of mediocrity …”

Today, I covered the first day of the Republican National Convention. There was a big protest and I know my way around New York a little better than I know my way around Boston, but other than that they were pretty similar.

“.. reminds me that I long to be, homeward bound… “

The protest was a lot of fun for me and I imagine a lot of other people, but I cannot help but wonder if my day would have been better spent door-knocking with Kim, or maybe going swimming with Kim and Fiona.

As I walked to the train station, I saw the full moon hanging over Time Square.

The protests

(Originally posted at Greater Democracy

I am at Blogger’s Alley at The Tank.I have just gotten back from the protest. I’ve uploaded my pictures here.

I started off from The Tank and walked over to 7th Avenue. As I got to Madison Square Garden, I saw some folks from Right March that I had met from the Personal Democracy Forum in New York. They talked about being here to protest the protestors, however, they were also going to protest some of the Republican events, such as the Pro Life Republican gatherings. I was told that one of the folks from Operation Rescue was helping with some of the protests.

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Images of the protest

Pictures from the Demonstration:

Kucinich's Candidates

(Originally posted in Greater Democracy)

Back in May, I asked where are Clark's Commandos? I noted that Dean had his Dean Dozen, would Kucinich do something similar? Today, I received an email pointing to Kucinich’s list of progressive Democratic candidates. Fourty-five people are on the list, including four who are also on Dean’s list.

Progressive Majority also has its list of candidates as do many local groups.

I have been trying to keep track of as many of these as possible at a site I started months ago. Initially, I was focusing on Dean inspired candidates. I’ve expanded the list to be good progressive candidates, and even moderates in the cases where they seem downright progressive when compared to their competition.

It is a good thing to see progressives organizing, supporting more candidates, and getting more people out running for office.

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