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Moving Forward

(This is a long post on my views for the future direction of the Democratic Party. If you are interested, please click on 'read more')

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Helping Hands

Those of you who read my blog regularly know that I am a big fan of blogs highlighting interesting unknown charities. Strengthen the Good is an interesting site that does this. You will also know that I am a big supporter of The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation and the efforts to help those with spinal cord injuries.

Today, while surfing BlogExplosion, I found another very interesting site. Monkeyverb is a blog with a tag line, “Because Monkeys Are Funny...and They Do Stuff!”. They had a pointer to Helping Hands Monkeys. “Helping Hands is an organization that trains Capuchin monkeys to assist quadriplegics with simple every-day tasks.”

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Blue Highways, Blue America

Surfing with BlogExplosion, I found this blog entry.

'You Know You're From Maine When...'

It is the perfect illustration of the East Coast Liberal Elitism that I think we need more of in the Democratic Party.

Follow your passion

There is an old say, follow your passion and the money will follow. Well, I’ve been following my passion, and I’m still waiting. This evening, my passion has me sitting on a train into New York City. I will be having dinner with Dean Landsman to talk about blogs, radio, podcasting, and who knows what else.

Today, I downloaded iPodder and have loaded a couple Podcasts onto my laptop. I am listening to Coverville. It is a 25 meg file that I downloaded via iPodder and copied to my laptop. My initial reaction to iPodder was, “Where is the good content?” Coverville is some of that good content. At this moment, I’m listening to Sid Vicious singing, “My way”. This is the sort of stuff you can’t get on the canned anesthetized mainstream media.


This morning I had breakfast with David Isenberg. I’ve know David from a mailing list related to the Greater Democracy blog. He lives the next town over and we’ve communicated via email a lot. We were long over due for breakfast.

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