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What is the blogosphere? (Updated 01/08 9:30 PM EST)

In a comment to Sigmund, Carl and Alfred’s blog entry about male and female bloggers, Isabella commented that the blogosphere seemed, at least from her perspective as a woman, like high school.

This fits well with some thoughts that have been mulling over in my head over the past twenty-four hours. Yesterday afternoon I had a wonderful discussion with my daughter Mairead about parallels between France around the time of the French revolution and what is going on in the United States today.

Week in Review

It has been a rough week, Kim’s grandfather’s funeral, problems with one of my hosting services, getting a new website up and the hard disk on my laptop crashing. I’ve written about Kim’s grandfather’s funeral in several entries. I haven’t written about the website I’ve been working on. DemSpeak is based on CivicSpace, like so many of the sites I’ve been working on.

One of the advantages of CivicSpace is that you can enable many people to be contributors, or even administrators. A problem that this can create is that worse than being a site developed by committee, it can become a site developed by a committee of sorcerer’s apprentices, and as you approach launch, it can become a committee of panicking sorcerer’s apprentices. Despite all the panic and hard work, the site has turned out very well.

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Grief in a Family Context

With the recent deaths of my wife’s grandfather and her great aunt, I’ve been spending a lot of time talking with people about grief. Several years ago, I took a wonderful online class entitled Grief in a Family Context It was a wonderful course, and I encourage everyone who is at all interested in a scholarly exploration into the grieving process to take this course. It is “a 3-credit, combined graduate and undergraduate course”, so don’t take the course unless you are up for doing some hard work, both academically, and, if you are dealing with grief yourself, emotionally.

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Tuesday update

Grieving Aldon writes web software ponders the internet as a news medium, thinks about tsunami relief, and considers run for State Democratic Chair.

I hope that some of the people randomly and briefly surfing this weblog through Blog Explosion will find the lead interesting enough to click on a link or two, and maybe even spend more than 30 seconds here.

Blog rolling with Drupal

Over on the Progressive Blog Alliance they’ve run into some problems with blog rolling. They’re blog roll is now over 150 people and they are trying to figure out a better way to handle the blog roll.

One idea is to use the RSS feed from I had set up a tag for PBA there. I haven’t updated it in a while, but it is a tool that could be used. Unfortunately, currently, the most items you can see in a Drupal block of a feed is 25 items, so this doesn’t really help a lot.

So, I started writing a modification to the aggregator module for Drupal so that you can use Drupal as a blog roller. The aggregator module isn’t really the right place to do it, but it did give me a good first pass.

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