Archive - Jan 16, 2013

A Lighter Day

From a writing perspective, this month has started off well with lots of material to work with. I'm back in the pattern of at least a blog post a day, and most of them have been lengthy pieces. However, I'm pretty wiped out and don't have an in depth commentary to write. I've also been wanting to work more on my wordcraft, but I don't have the energy for that this evening either, so today will be a lighter day.

This morning, I was still quite tired when I woke up. It was hard to get out of bed. When I did, I went through some of my typical morning social media and then went outside to shovel. We had received about three inches of snow and the cars needed cleaning off and enough of the driveway cleared so we could get out.

They've been doing work on the parkway tunnel, and yesterday, the traffic heading to work was particularly bad. Today, the traffic was light and my trip to the office was uneventful.

I listened to the news, stories about football injuries and some guy who used to do broadcasts recognize amazing parts of ordinary life in California. I tried to get in touch with that perspective but found nothing to grab my attention along the slush covered roads.

The day passed uneventfully. Various political stories I've been following continue to unfold. I should write more on several of them, but not tonight.

Tonight, I shall try to rest, to pace myself, and if I'm better rested, tomorrow tackle something more on the blog.

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