Archive - Aug 21, 2011

Sunday on the Cape

Well, out was a pretty great day on the Cape. We got off to a leisurely start. Coffee at the picnic table next to the trailer. Afterwards, we headed off to Race Point. Typically, we spend most of our days on the Cape at Race Point.

It was low tide when we arrived and the water was 61 degrees. That's pretty cold when you get in, but after a while, you get used to it.

I started turning people and after I got out, I broke out in hives. They went away and now, mostly I'm just sore from swimming and from places where I didn't have enough sun block.

As we were leaving, we saw whales playing in the distance off of Race Point. We had seen a few seals earlier in the day and plenty of different types of birds.

Fiona and I also visited many dogs at the beach as well as went to the life saving museum.

I read a little news on Twitter while Kim was picking up supplies st the grocery store. The question of the day, how do you make a Libyan freedom cocktail?

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