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The Family Meal

How often do you eat together as a family? That thought came to mind today as I headed home from an evening event. I got home around 8, but still got home before my wife. Tonight, we both had evening events. Tomorrow, Kim will have another evening event. Thursday, I’ll have one, and then, hopefully, we will both be home for dinner on Friday. Saturday we will most likely go to a picnic and then Sunday, Kim is scheduled to leave on a business trip. That will shoot most of next week. The following week, we should be around a little, but then will head off to a folk music festival, and the following week, I expect to have to work late several days. So, that pretty much shoots the month of July.

We may eat together from time to time during the folk music festival, but that is most likely going to be as we sit on a hill listening to folk music, and not be an opportunity for family discussion.

I sit and look at the first two paragraphs. There are a lot of places it would be interesting to take this blog post, but I just don’t have the energy. I stop to wonder, how does a lack of family discussions around the dinner table correlate to blogging? I’m not sure how much I get material for blog posts around the dinner table, although my elder daughters would sometimes say something like, “Uh, Oh. I think I see a blog post coming…”, and I’m sure I’ve honed ideas for blog posts around the dinner table.

Yet more likely, it is that the lack of time for family dinners also means lack of time to work on good blog posts.

So, how often do you eat together as a family? If you’re a blogger, how does it relate to your blogging? Do you get, or develop, ideas for blog posts around the dinner table?

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