Archive - Jul 17, 2011

Random Summer Notes

Another summer weekend comes to an end. The weather was beautiful and the pace was slow. On Saturday morning, we went to the new Meriden Farmer’s Market. It had been moved to ‘The Hub’, a new location from previous years. It had a great turnout and the farmers sold out of various produce quite quickly. CHC is a sponsor of the Farmer’s Market, and I figured I should go, chat with some folks and take some pictures. In the afternoon, we went to the town pool.

Today, we spent some time cleaning the house. We’ll be heading off to the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in a few days and wanted to make sure that the house would be in good shape for the house sitter. In the afternoon, my stomach started bothering me, so I rested while Kim and Fiona went to the town pool.

Twenty eight years ago, this weekend, I flew to France for my first trip to Europe. I kept a journal during my trip and at times, have typed entries from my travel journal into a special section of my blog. I should get back to that some time.

Also in preparation for Falcon Ridge, I’ve started listening to some of the performers that will be in the Emerging Artists Showcase. I’m planning on putting up some of my thoughts about at least some of them, tomorrow.

I heard an interesting excerpt on the radio about a chimp that was being taught language. The chimp would separate pictures of chimps and humans and place his picture with the humans. It gave me a great idea about the chimp going a little further and separating the pictures based on families and what family he considered himself part of. Someday, I’ll get some time to sit and write, and pull together that story.

I also have to work on pulling together my story about what is going on in the media.

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