Archive - Jul 15, 2011

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Okay, so, for Follow Friday this week, I used Google+. I started off by going to my Circles page, and clicking on people in my circles. I sorted it by relevance, and went to the profiles of the people that Google+ said were most relevant. From that, I grabbed their Twitter id, and here they are.

Following with the Google+ theme, instead of talking about each person and why they might be relevant, how well I know them, etc., I’m going to take a look at an over view of who they are, sort of like the analysis I might do in deciding which circles to put them in.

I do not have gender based circles, but there has been a bit of talk recently about how Google+ is dominated by males. First, I question the methodology used. How did they come up with their samples? I find it interesting that of the ten people chosen it is an equal split between mail and female.

So, let’s start with @shesosocial. I’ve got her in circles for people that live nearby. In fact, four of the people fit into circles like that. @kanter is one of the best known social media and non-profit people and at least half of the people in this list are involved in one way or another with nonprofits. There is also a strong health care component, and although I only have three family members in my circles, two of them show up as most relevant.

I hope to explore some of the social dynamics of my circles in a later post, but for now, that’s my Google+ inspired #ff.

Now, for a quick, different comment. Klout has a new thing called ‘Perks’. People who are viewed as influential on Klout can get various freebees. The idea is that they want people who are influential to post about the perks, generating viral advertising. Today, I receive my first Perk.

Certain Klout users could receive invitations to Spotify, the new (at least in the U.S.) video streaming service. I received my invitation and set up Spotify. Spotify is working on a Freemium model. There is a certain amount that you can do on Spotify for free, supported by advertising. If you upgrade to a premium account, you get additional features and no ads.

Klout will provide Premium upgrades to people who get at least five other people to sign up for Klout. Those people also get invitations to Spotify. So, if you’re not on Klout, please sign up on Klout/Spotify link. Thanks.