Archive - Apr 9, 2011

Road Trip

In an hour or two, my youngest daughter Fiona and I will set off on a road trip. We are driving from Connecticut to Virginia, where my middle daughter Miranda will be giving her senior piano recital as her senior project in ceramics is on display.

It has been a long time since I did a long road trip like this. The price of gas cuts back on my interest in these sorts of trips, and having a nine year old in the car for eight hours is also daunting. However, road trips can be great fun, and hopefully, a good experience for Fiona.

We’re going to be driving straight down today and straight back tomorrow. Not a lot of time to dilly dally and check out different places along the way. We might stop at one or two places to get a little local flavor, but it seems as if this is harder and harder to do.

Local flavor is has mostly been replaced by national franchises along the way. I thought of this yesterday as I stopped for some BBQ in Meriden CT. It was authentic Carolina BBQ served from a trailer of a man who cooks it for the love of it. You could taste the smoke in the meat, and it was nothing like you get at a large chain.

So, we prepare for the road trip and hope to get some local flavor along the way. Tune in tomorrow when I hope to provide an update.

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