Archive - Apr 5, 2011

Personality Types and Blogging Styles

Recently, I just stumbled across an interesting website, Typealyzer. It analyzes the text of a blog and predicts the personality type of the author. According to the site, Orient Lodge is written by someone INTP. I’ve taken various personality tests, and I normally lean towards the introverted side of things, although it isn’t a strong tendency and sometimes I even show up as extroverted.

Likewise, I tend tot sometimes show up as perceiving and other times show up as judging. In fact, on the Human Metrics MBTI style test, I showed up as INTJ.

On the other hand, the My Personality Test on Facebook, said I was ENFP a couple years ago. Unfortunately, the test didn’t work properly the other day when I tried it, so I’m not sure if things have just changed that much, or if there is something different about the test.

With that, my most strongest trait tends to be intuition instead of sensing. With that, I put the blog I write at work through the Typealyzer and came back with a personality of ISTJ.

Do I have a different personality at work than I do at home? Do I present myself that differently in my personal writing and my work writing? What about you? If you’re a blogger, what does Typealyzer say about your writing?