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Gov. Howard Dean and Fiona's Radio Show

November 8, 2003. Kim and I drove up to Burlington, VT for a campaign event for Howard Dean, who was running for President. Fiona had turned two the month before, and we ended up getting a picture of Gov. Dean and Fiona.

Fiona and Gov. Dean

After Gov. Dean ended his presidential bid, he encouraged his supporters to stay involved and to consider running for office. Kim ran for State Representative and Gov. Dean came to our house to do a fundraiser. Another picture of Fiona was taken and shared online.

Fiona and Howard

The following summer, we went down to DemocracyFest in Austin, TX. At the end of Gov. Dean’s speech, Fiona rushed up on the stage and there was another picture taken of her and the Governor.

Fiona at Demfest 2005

In October of that year and the following year, Gov. Dean returned to Connecticut and more pictures of Fiona were taken.

Fiona and Howard

Fiona and the Governor

It is hard to imagine, but this year, Fiona will turn ten. She has stayed involved with politics, including doing a mostly weekly radio show covering a wide variety of topics. She has had members of congress and candidates for state and local office as guests on her radio show.

This week, she will have a special guest, Gov. Howard Dean. It should be an interesting show and I hope you consider tuning in.

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