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March 16th

Wordless Wednesday

Fiona and the Calf, originally uploaded by Aldon.

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March 15th

Gov Malloy and Healthcare

I am at a conference, so I don’t have as much time to write about this as I would like, but I want to highlight two recent articles about Gov. Malloy’s meeting with hospital executives, CTNewsJunkie and CT Mirror.

"I want to say at the outset that I would trade my deficit for any one of yours today," Malloy told hospital executives and trustees at the Connecticut Hospital Association headquarters in Wallingford.

The CT Mirror article goes on to say

"I think there are hospitals represented in this room that need to rethink their relationships with community health centers," he said

As the social media manager for Community Health Center, Inc., I want to make two comments. First, I am speaking on my own behalf, and not on behalf of the health center.

That said, I think Gov. Malloy is on the mark on this. We need to stop spending so much time on arguing about which services should be cut or where new revenues should be sought, and focus more on increasing efficiency. To the extent that hospitals can encourage patients to establish a relationship with a primary care provider and get regular routine treatment at a health center, hospitals, health centers, and the government all benefit by people being healthier at less expense.

Update: During break, I spent time talking with a woman from St. Vincent's Medical Center in Bridgeport, CT about social media and health care in Connecticut. We're starting the sort of discussions Gov. Malloy recommends.

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March 14th

Monday Morning

It is a bright sunny morning in Jacksonville, FL. I arrived last night on an uneventful flight from Connecticut. For the next three days, I’ll be at a conference on social media and health care. I may be tweeting a lot, so if conference tweeting annoys you, you might want to unfollow me until Thursday. I expect that my blogging may also be a little sparse for the next few days.

I am currently working off of my old IBM laptop. I’m going to guess that it is about six years old. I’ve installed Linux on it, and it mostly runs smoothly, but it has been freezing a bit recently, so I’m trying to do some updates. However, the hotel WiFi is pretty slow.

On the plane down, I worked on the laptop a little as well as played with my Android phone in Airplane mode. I didn’t have a lot installed on the Android that worked in Airplane mode. So, I’m thinking I should try to tweak it for the flight back. Adding a podcast player would probably be good. Also, I have Squeak running on Android on my N900, so it might be fun to see if I can get squeak to run on the Samsung Android. I did take the MicroSD card from my N900 and put it in my Samsung. I could get to the files, but couldn’t launch Squeak.

I also kicked around running a virtual world program on my laptop. I have Imprudence and Hippo loaded on my laptop. However, I don’t currently have an instance of OpenSim running, so without an internet connection, there wasn’t a virtual world I could connect to.

I’m also thinking it is time to kick around Blender or some other good animation program. I’m also thinking it might be good to kick around Alice again sometime soon, and even take another shot at OpenCroquet.

It was nice to be disconnected from the internet for an extended period, but still have access to technology. It gave me more time to kick around ideas of things I should try to set up.

Meanwhile, I got a phone call from home. Kim has been sick, and now Fiona has gotten it.

March 13th

I Get My News on Twitter

I’ve just packed for the social media conference in Florida and threw my shirt with ‘I Get My News on Twitter’ on it in the bag. It is often a good conversation started.

I’ve been thinking about this a bit over the past few days as I’ve followed what is going on in Japan via tweets. Various topics have trended, with Fukushima often on the list, accompanied by Godzilla and Pearl Harbor. The Godzilla and Pearl Harbor topics have been gotten plenty of complaints. Is it really appropriate to talk about Godzilla during a nuclear emergency in Japan? Can anyone in their right mind talk about one of the worst earthquakes in recorded history as appropriate payback for Pearl Harbor?

As an aside, the best Godzilla comment I saw was that if you want Godzilla backwards, he repairs a half destroyed burning city and then moonwalks into the ocean.

There have been a lot of tweets about Fukushima. Reading the tweets and various article and websites linked to the tweets, it seems like there are a lot of people presenting different viewpoints reflecting their own views as opposed to what is going on. Some talk about how it isn’t really a big issue. Others point to the coverup of a nuclear accident several years ago and wonder what is being covered up now.

There have been pictures and videos posted of the powerplants and maps of what could happen if radiation is spread.

It is a stark reminder about how fragile we all are, especially when confronted by a large natural disaster.

Yeah, I get my news via twitter, but I also very carefully check my sources.

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March 12th

Hebron Maple Fest

This weekend is the Hebron Maple Fest. It is another one of those Connecticut events we try to get to every year. This year was a little more difficult than other years. I am leaving on a business trip on Sunday so we really need to go to the festival today.

However, Fiona had play practice in the morning. Kim was supposed to go to a political event, but was sick. I walked Wesley while Fiona was at practice, ran some errands, and then picked up Fiona.

Finally, around noon, we got on the road. We stopped in Middletown, where we picked up Orlando, a friend of mine from work. The three of us then proceeded to the festival.

It was about the same as other years. We parked about the same place we usually do, walked down to the Democrat’s booth where Fiona had a grilled cheese sandwich and I had a maple cured ham, egg and cheese sandwich. On the way, we ran into Congressman Joe Courtney and State Senator Edith Prague. I chatted with both of them for a little while.

Rep. Courtney and State Sen. Prague

There were various dogs around, but we had decided not to bring Wesley. That would be just too complicated. Other years a greyhound rescue group has been there. This year there were lots of greyhounds, but I don’t know if any of them were available for adoption.

Farmer's Cow

The Farmer’s Cow was there, giving away miniature ice cream sundaes. It was right next to the building with the quilts and Fiona, who had just finished her grilled cheese sandwich wanted to see them. She and Orlando went inside, and I hung out outside holding Fiona’s food. Later, I went inside and looked at the quilts and took some pictures.


Finally, we made it up to the Volunteer Fire Department. That was where we picked up the sugar on snow and maple cotton candy. Orlando had never had sugar on snow before and wasn’t sure what to expect. He doesn’t have a big sweet tooth, but enjoyed it anyway. However, I couldn’t convince him to have pickles with the sugar on snow.

After this we drove to a couple sugar houses. We ended of at Wenzel’s sugar house. They usually have a cow, and sometimes have a calf there. This year, there was a ten day old calf. Fiona greatly enjoyed being with the calf and even got a chance to feed it a little.

Fiona and the Calf

We picked up a half gallon of extra dark maple syrup. Most people like the light maple syrup, but we like it dark. The dark maple syrup is especially good in hard cider.

Finally, we headed back home. Kim was still sick in bed. I did a bit more laundry and started preparing for the trip tomorrow. It was a good day, tiring but good. I just hope Kim feels better soon.

(P.S. Pictures are up in my 2011 Hebron Maple Fest Set on Flickr.)

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