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Twitter Responses

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This morning, I received an email from Postling listing people that mention me or responded to something I’ve written on social media sites. Instead of responding to different people individually, I thought I would respond to several of them here.

First, there are the Follow Friday messages and replies. Shoutouts to @EricTTung @HarpethRising @MatthewBrowning @DME1661 @Jordanfenster, and @NewHavenRentry

Then, there was my Hashable invite. I’ve signed up, added friends to my inner circle, but so far, it hasn’t clicked for me.

@EricTTung asked me and some others about some good social media based conferences. @TedRubin responded highlighting ‘#SXSW, Mashable Connect 2011, DigidaySocial, #BWE’. There is a good discussion on Quora about this.

Hopefully, Social Web Week Connecticut will be a good local event this year. Planning is starting to get underway

On Saturday morning, I was at the American Group Psychotherapy Association conference where I participated in a panel with @dr_bob. We tweeted parts of it, and it was great to meet @GroupTherapyCal

@gracesonia, who I met through the National Association of Community Health Centers (@nachc) which deals with Federally Qualified Health Centers, #fqhc asked what #agpa was. Grace, it is the American Group Psychotherapy Association, which is a great group. I was surprised not to see overlap between AGPA and NACHC. That’s something to explore.

After the panel I was on ended, I headed up to the Cloisters with @dr_bob where I checked in on Foursquare. @RicDragon commented that it was a nice place to be on a Saturday, and I agree. I hope to post some pictures soon.

Two final Twitter replies. @2ndot comment about what a great time the #beerup at Eli Cannon’s in Middletown was. It was great. I was glad to see many friends there. During the #beerup, I mentioned to various people some of my cider brewing activities. I get many of my supplies at Maltose Express in Monroe. They just had some special event and @dinothinks ousted me as mayor of Maltose. I don’t expect to challenge him for the mayorship until next fall when cider brewing season rolls around.

So, that catches me up on my replies to various friends on social media and helps provide a glimpse into different aspects of my life.

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