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Which Connecticut Cities Kill the Most Dogs Now?

This afternoon, a friend sent me a message about an article in the Valley Independent Sentinel, High Kill Rate Triggers Change At Derby Dog Pound. I wrote about this nearly in year ago in my blog post, Does Your Town Kill Dogs?.

I spoke with folks at the Valley Independent Sentinel, as well as various animal activists, and I’m glad to see that the Valley Independent Sentinel has finally published an article on the topic. What is even more important to me is that they article goes on to say:

They said former police Chief Eugene Mascolo instituted a policy requiring that dogs kept more than 16 days at the pound would be taken to a vet and euthanized.


Current police brass and City Hall officials said they did not know Derby was killing so many animals. Derby police officials said the policy ended in January.

On my todo list is to get updated monthly animal control officer reports from the Department of Agriculture to see how the statistics have changed since I first started looking at this.

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