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Top Entrecard Visitors

Like I did last month, I’m listing the top visitors from Entrecard. This is a little different than the ‘Top Droppers’ that you see elsewhere. What I’ve done is written a page that returns the number of page visits I receive from people’s Entrecard Inbox. It is some simple PHP code that interacts with Google Analytics to extract this data. If you go to the page and authorize the program to access your Google Analytics, it will provide a similar list for your website, if you are an Entrecard user.

As I’ve noted before, some people visit many more pages than the number of cards they drop. These could be people coming to the site multiple times from their drop box, or people that read several articles while they are here. Others will visit the site, and leave so quickly that Google doesn’t even get a chance to register their visit. Using my program, I am really recognizing those that visit enough pages from their inbox long enough to be recognized and filtering out those that drop and run.

Of course, since I’ve explained how this works, people could game the system, but it probably isn’t really worth it to game the system just to get on my list, although I do make an extra effort to visit people who look at a lot of my pages. With that, and without any further ado, here are the Entrecard visitors that interact most with my website.
Automotive Information Blog
Small Town Mommy
Wood Burning Art Creations By Lucy
Cat Lovers Site
My Heart Voice
The Sewing Mom
Need Recipe Advice? Just Ask Me.
Beyond Left Field
Parent Times

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