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In the Dark of the Night

In 2002, President Bush sought the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution. We were told that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and that if Congress did not act quickly, something horrible would happen. Well, Congress did act quickly, and something horrible did happen.

With the recent financial crisis, we were told that if Congress did not act quickly on a $700 billion bailout bill, something horrible would happen. Well, again, Congress did act quickly, and we are yet again, trying to clean up the mess afterwards.

One would think that we, as a nation, would learn that when legislative branches act quickly, without proper deliberation or feedback from citizens, we get stuck with a mess.

Politicians, on the other hand, don’t like it if people stop and think about whatever bill they are pushing. People might organize and the politicians might not get their pet project.

Last night, we saw this played out in Connecticut. Yesterday, Rep. Amann and Sen. Williams introduced Bill No. 7601- An Act Concerning Deficit Mitigation, and in the dark of the night, it passed both chambers, with little or no public input.

We can argue about whether the cuts were too big, too little, cutting in the right places, or the wrong places, and what role the rainy day fund should have in this. As a matter of fact we should argue about this. We should encourage everyone to join in a spirited discussion of how the State Government should best spend its money during these difficult times.

Unfortunately, the General Assembly did not chose to give the citizens that opportunity. I hope you let your State Legislators know your opinion about budgets passed in the dark of the night.

(Originally published at MyLeftNutmeg)

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